Sunday, 22 May 2011

More Ticks!

19th May

Hi Woofers!

D&H back with you and have we had a day of it today!

First of all, Old Two Legs was sitting in bed this morning when he noticed Holly rubbing her muzzle, so, he had a look and found a Tick on the side of her cheek, so he called for his operating tools and removed it. Then he had a closer look all over Holly and found another three, two on the face and one on her shoulder.

So there she was cuddled up to OTL and being de-Ticked!

And that was all before breakfast!

The sun was shining, so OTL suggested we go back to Titchwell Marsh again and this time The Missus could take us two down to the beach while OTL took some snaps and did some bird watching.

A very good idea that!

 When Holly and I got to the beach, the tide was right out and so we had loads of sand to run on and dig in and roll on and chase each other all over the place. I even found some water that I could have a lay down in and cool off a little.

The best bit was the hole digging, Holly and I had competitions to see how big and how deep we could dig and how far we could throw the sand and TM was the judge and said that we were both the same so we were both winners!

Digging for Victory
 OTL took some snaps of a Greylag goose having a clean up and an Avocet hunting for food. He also got some (fuzzy) snaps of a Temminick's Stint, which is rather rare and there were loads of people looking at the birds through telescopes.

 OTL took this of a Greylag goose, not bad, he must be getting better!
A Wash & Brush up!
 After our day there we headed back home to the caravan and we slept most of the way back, we were worn out!

OTL gave us another good brush and inspected us for Ticks again, (none found) but we stood very still while he searched all around our face and ears, and we didn't struggle or fidget (too much) 'cos we don't like the Ticks.

OTL reckons that these Ticks are from the deer that roam the forest, the Ticks are not as big as the ones I got from the sheep last year, but the are just as bigger nuisance and we are better off without them!

It's another early night I think, we are almost looking forward to getting home again so we can have a rest!

But not really!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

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