Sunday, 22 May 2011

A Trip to Bempton Cliffs

11th May 2011

Hello You Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again from Sunny Norfolk!

We decided to go to Bempton Cliffs in South Yorkshire which is a four hour car ride away, so, to get a good days fun and games we set off at six in the morning, which if all we did was get up and go. Not The Missus, first she has to have her morning coffee, then a shower, then tidy the caravan up and after all that, have breakfast, wash up and a quick run around with the electric carpet sweeper!

That means the alarm went off at four thirty!

Old Two Legs was not a happy puppy at that time in the morning!

We got there at ten to eleven, which wasn't too bad and we set off for a charge along the cliff tops to see the birds.

OTL was carrying his camera gear that weighed a ton and TM had us on a lead all the time 'cos she said we might fall off the cliff edge!

We left OTL snapping away and we went on an 'explore'.

Poo City
First thing you need to know is that this place is where the Gannets, Razor Bill, Kittiwakes, Guillemot and Puffin all nest. Plus there were a few others I can't remember, but, all these birds building nests, laying eggs, catching fish and eating them on the nest means that they need to poo near the nest. Normally just over the edge, so you don't want to be down the bottom of the cliffs if you know what I mean!

But, all these birds, all the fish and all that poo'ing, that made for one almighty pong! It was horrible, all sort of bird poo and fish, Yuk!

New Neighbours?
We had a great time and walked for miles, we kept TM going and we're sure it did her some good. Half way through the afternoon she took us back to the car and had a snooze, which was OK but for the snoring!

OTL took loads of pictures like the one here and the one underneath, not bad but the birds would not sit still for him, so there were a load that he had to throw away!

Bill Slapping (No, his name is not Bill!)
See you tomorrow

We are still catching up on our sleep!


Daisy & Holly

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