Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Highland Coo!

Hello All You Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here again!

After yesterdays fun and games with the eagles, we were up for a 'snoozy' sort of day. You know, up on the seat, flat on our backs with our legs in the air dreaming of chicken dinners!

No such luck!

Old Two Legs decided he wanted to go out and try photographing a buzzard that we have seen, he's normally sitting in the tree across the other side of the road.

Well his luck was in, as we crept around the corner of the field, there, sitting on a fence post, facing our way was the buzzard!

A Mean Looking Buzzard
That buzzard was all sort of mean and hungry looking, with a big hooked beak, just like the eagles yesterday, but not so big and scary!

OTL slowly stopped the car and gently wound down the window, picked up his camera and was about to take the picture, when Holly, reckoned the buzzard looked too dangerous and started to woof at it.

OTL managed to get two shots before the buzzard did a poo, waggled it's tail and flew away, which I suppose was lucky for him but even luckier that the buzzard didn't attack him, but we saved OTL!

Can you imagine it? OTL carried off by a buzzard to feed it's chicks!

After that close shave OTL took us off to the forest, but a bit further down the valley than normal, and, we had some fun chasing the Highland Cattle, weeell, sort of.

We were walking down the path and saw in the distance these big hairy scary cattle. I got a little worried they might try to be nasty to us, so I stuck close to OTL.

Well, they look Scary to me!
As we got closer, Holly, being either brave or stupid, (I think stupid) let out a load of big cattle scaring woofs, I mean, BIG WOOFS, the sort we keep in reserve for such occasions!

When we got nearer one of them stopped, looked over the bracken and said, 'Will ye Stop yer Yapping Ya Noisy Wee Doggy!'

Stop yer Yapping Ya Noisy Wee Doggy

Holly said that we thought they were going to charge at us or something like that.

Angus, that was his name, said they wouldn't do that 'cos all they were interested in doing was eating and any way, they don't eat doggies, well not at lunch time, dinner maybe, but not lunch.

Then he wandered off muttering and laughing 'Aye, dinner but not lunch'!

It didn't help that there was a Hooded Crow sitting on the tree near by, laughing at us, and calling Holly a Plonker!

What a Plonker!
 Holly said that if she could get up the tree we'd soon find out if crow tasted like chicken!

It didn't stop us from having a lovely long walk and a game of 'chase the stick', there were loads of trees and Holly and me ran around them woofing and pretending to chase flocks of Haggis!

When we got back to The Missus, she was fast asleep, snoozing her head off, which was strange 'cos she said she was going to make a card today!

We think she was telling Porkies again or she had been at the booze cupboard while we were out!

We had a super dinner, TM got us some Rump Steak that was short dated and going at a very good price!

TM always likes a bargain!

We finished that off in no time at all and we still had a little room left for some of OTL's dinner we managed to mug off him!

We've been snoozing most of the evening, so we are looking forward to our bed tonight, ready for some more fun tomorrow!

Bye for now,


McDaisy & MacHolly


  1. Hello you two, thats a scary 'angus', and rump steak......your livin it up are'nt you both !
    I would'nt tell Angus about the rump steak if i was you !!!
    love and hugs
    chris richards

  2. Maybe it was Angus that you had, no not really.
    You did have a good time. TM got a good nap in so everyone is happy