Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Salty Old Sea Dogs

Yo Ho All You Woofers!

Salty Old Sea Dogs McDaisy & MacHolly here again!

Have we been doing things that few doggies have ever done before!

First of all we had the fastest run in the forest for a wee and a poo this morning. Old Two Legs rushed us up there and told us to hurry up and 'get on with our business'. I do hate to be rushed at these things! Still, we cooperated as he seem all in a panic, then we rushed back to pick up The Missus.

It was not long before we had parked up and were marching down to the docks where a boat was waiting for us.

It was a bit dodgy jumping from the dock side onto the boat but TM had got on first and OTL just picked us up and tossed us onto the boat!

Sort of puppy press ganged!

It was a little strange at first, the ground seemed to be moving about, sort of rocking from side to side and then up and down. Weird or wot!

Then the engine started and off we went, sort of swaying and wobbling our way across the water!

This was serious stuff you know, us doggies don't do boats as normal and we only get wet when it rains or we have a swim! This boat thing was swimming across the water like a big duck!

The man who owned the boat came up to us and called us 'Sea Dogs' and tickled our chins, so we liked him straight away!

By now we had worked out that we were all going on a Sea Eagle Watching Trip on the boat.

After a while we were getting used to this wobbling about and I even sat on OTL's shoulder to get a better view.

I can sea the Sea!

Holly decided to stay on the floor with TM and not risk sitting on OTL's shoulders in case she fell in the water. She has yet to try swimming and deep paddling is as far as she has gone at the moment!

Very soon we stopped the boat and the captain, (he's the man who owns the boat) was throwing bits of bread out to some gulls that had turned up. Soon we saw the eagle coming from the shore, it was small to begin with, but as it got closer, it got bigger and bigger and then blooming enormous!

This bird had a wing span of about ten feet! I mean, this was no chicken on steroids, this was one almighty great bird with attitude!

One serious looking Chicken!
Holly hid under the chair, I hid behind TM but OTL was standing up and snapping away like mad!

First this bird circled the boat looking for the fish that had been thrown in the water for him. Then it came gliding in and picked up the fish. It's claws or Talons as OTL called them were wicked, like, they could have picked up Holly and me in one swoop!

Sharp looking Talons
It did this fish picking up thing a couple of times and we then saoiled off and left it alone. You see, if we feed it too much it then relies on the man in the boat for fish and loses the need to hunt for it's own food and we are really just a 'Treat' when we throw the fish for them. I suppose it's like when TM gets us our chews on a Friday when the food man calls!

Going in for the Fish!
A seriously exciting day for us all, OTL was happy about some of the photo's he took and Holly was glad to get back on dry land.

Mind you, as we were on our way back, Holly sort of got more awake and we started singing 'Sea Shanty Songs' about the wind and waves and the Mermaids on the rocks!

We've been singing Sea Shanty's!
As Holly says, she is not cut out to be a Salty Sea Dog, and to be honest, neither am I, especially when you get birds that big flying about, chickens we don't mind but White Tailed Sea Eagles, you can keep them!

The rolling of the boat doesn't help either, so I think we will stick to dry land, thank you very much!

Bye for now,


McDaisy & MacHolly, Salty Sea Dogs, (Retired)


  1. Nice picture of the eagle in flight.
    But why are my two best friends not wearing a life jacket. come on elth and afty first.

  2. Ahh, shiver me timbers you Sea Dogs, well perhaps not.

    Wow, wot luverly Eagle shots, well done OTL smashing.

    Bet your glad to be back on land and not wobbling anymore.

  3. How huge was that eagle guys? WOW !!!! He obviously fancied the fish more than two old salty seadogs !!!!!
    The shots are fabulous though, especially the two handsome canines.......lol
    love and hugs
    chris richards

  4. Well done, lovely Sea Eagle shots, they certainly are equipped for the kill, watch out McH and D.