Friday, 6 April 2012

He did it AGAIN!!!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again.

He did it AGAIN!!!!!

There we were, sitting in the caravan this morning, the sun was shining and we were looking forward to another trip down the beach for some more digging and chasing balls and woofing at the Gulls.

Old Two Legs went out to the car and started to mess about with his camera and big lens.

Then he wandered off to Ian's car, got in and the pair drove off out of the gate!

This was not right!

How could he go off all day and leave us here! We had to sit and watch The Missus and Auntie Karen make cards and splash the glue pot around. You should have seen the cloud of glitter that got blown up into the air when the awning door got left open!

Then there was the little aeroplane that kept taking off and landing all day as well!

A Dam Buster We Ain't!
OTL and Ian had gone down to the RSPB site at Dungeness and dogs are not allowed onto the land 'cos they think we will scare the birds.

Let me tell you, there are Marsh Harriers there, they eat other living things! Then there is the Black Backed Gulls and Sparrow Hawks, then there is the Kestrels plus the Buzzards, they all eat other birds and stuff.

They think we will scare the birds?

We reckon the birds do a good enough job on there own, they don't need us dogs!

OTL saw a Spoonbill, miles away across the lake but most of the time it spent asleep so this shot is a rare sight!

Spoonbill between snoozes!
There was a Dunnock on a Gorse Bush, trying to look all big and brave!

Big Brave Dunnock!
He saw a Great Crested Grebe who went sailing past looking for his mate!

Has my mate passed this way?
OTL and Ian came back about six and it was too late to go down the beach, but we have told him.

It's The Beach tomorrow, or he is in deep, Deep Poo!

And when we say DEEP, we mean really DEEP, so deep he won't ever get out again!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Well with those pictures you will have to give OTL some slack. He did very well wiv his big lens.

    I'm sure he will make it up to you with some shortbread and give that Holly some Chicken and she's anybodies.

    See you two on the beach tomorrow, nite nite. XX

  2. I bet those Buzzards think that you taste like chicken and that's why OTL and Ian (Hi Ian) didn't take you. you should be please.

    Nice picture of the Spoonbill,the Crested Grebe are at Riverside, so OTL doesn't need to go far to see one of those.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Good pictures OTL, gives the girls a day of rest to get themselves preened up for tomorrows photo shoot! I do hope you were taken out by TM and Karen, you didn't mentioned it so I think you are trying to get sympathy from your viewers.