Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Majik Day all round!

Hi Ho Woofers!

It's Us again, Daisy & Holly!

A big Hello Woof to Majik, Bailey and Sorrell, super to have you on board and don't you look the cute one!

What a Super Day today has been!

The Missus took us for a walk in the fields first thing, 'cos we jumped onto the bed this morning and gave her the old 'Hairy Eyeball' treatment!

The lambs were all up and having their breakfast, no sign of the fox, so we reckon he is keeping out of our way!

Morning Lamb Chop!
Old Two Legs had to take TM down to the Super Market for some more supplies, that meant a thirty minute wait in the car.

All three of us fell asleep, OTL, Holly and Me!

We thought that OTL was going to take us down the beach, but we had to take TM back to the caravan 'cos she wanted to pack to shopping away and make another card while sitting in the awning with the sun shining on her!

After that, off we went to the Beach!

As soon as we got there we were chased along the beach by the local Gulls.

They were checking us out to see if we had any food!

Got and food Girls?
The tide was just going out,so there was a bit of sand we could run on and boy did we run!

After yesterdays lack of a run we had lots of energy to get out of our system!

Holly suggested we could go for a paddle but when we got close to the water we decided that the waves were too big!

They're a bit Big!
OTL forgot the ball, so Holly and I chased some of those Whelk Egg Sacks, Holly threw them into the air and the wind blew it along the beach, then we both chased it!

I got it, I Got it, I Got It!
Sometimes I let Holly get to it first!

We spotted some Gulls on the breakwater, waiting for the tide to go out, Holly said we should chase them and see if they tasted like chicken but when we got close, we suddenly realised that the water was even closer and the waves were still as big!

Still looks Dangerous to Us!
They were lucky this time, just wait till we catch them on the sand!

We have decided that today has been an 'Extra Specially Good Fun Day' and we think that is because OTL has been here to play with us!

Is this a Good Day or Wot?
Back to the caravan for a snooze before Dinner, then a cuddle with OTL and pinch some of his shortbread!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Sounds like you both had a good day with OTL, shame he forgot the ball, never mind you improvised well with the sacks.

    My, that seagull woz big it's a wonder that he didn't pick you up still you would have woofed at him and chased him off.

    Wot a lovely beach you have to play on, have fun. XX

  2. What a beautiful beach for some good running today, you were wise not to go after the Gulls, they might have chased you further into the sea. Looks like you are having a lovely time there and TM is getting some cards done, OTL has done some work and you two have just had fun, fun, fun. Good for you. xx

  3. Careful you two chasing seagulls can get you into trouble as they can gang up on you. Mike said that they can carry you a way and was not joking. That would be bad for you coz they may think that you taste like chicken..