Thursday, 13 September 2012

OTL has been out to work!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Guess what? I've had Old Two Legs on the go again!

We went to bed as normal after our run around the garden. Holly decided to sleep at the bottom of OTL's bed until she got kicked off and I curled up in my basket. Around two fifteen Holly and I decided we wanted a wee, so we both did our 'Get Up OTL' woof and soon we were in the garden. OTL was still asleep, we could tell that 'cos his eyes were closed  all the time!

Back to bed and as soon as I heard him snoring gently, I did it again, my 'I Wanna Go Out' woof, you know, gentle but with feeling!

Out I went again while OTL stood at the back door, watching, me, in the garden. You know, I don't like being watched while I 'Go', so I jumped into the bushes and came out later, relieved!

OTL had been watching and had the kitchen door closed, so I couldn't go upstairs to his bed. Well, not until I had to submit to my backside being washed!

I think I must have eaten something that was in a hurry to get through me!

We were up good and early and down to The Sea Wall, I was looking for Monsters and Holly was looking for rabbits!

Is that a Monster I see?
I had a good look but didn't see any and Holly said she didn't see any rabbits either!

A bit further along the beach we saw these four sitting there looking out to see. Holly said they were on their break and should have some sandwiches or cakes.

Look out, there's a dog watching us!
Holly said I should go and sit with them and sniff out any food and if there was some, to give her a call and then we could both do some mugging!

What you looking at?
Needless to say, no food, no mugging and one asked if I wanted to go for a swim!

I tried my best but, if there's not food then there's no food!

Holly said that we shouldn't give up,'cos she had seen the Fishermen a bit further on and they always have food!

Look, a Dogfish!
I was just about to start my 'Got and food' question when one laughed and said, 'Look, we got us a couple of Dogfish!'

I wasn't too sure what they were on about, we were dogs but not fishes, so how could we be Dogfish?

Then one of them told us that there was a fish called a Dogfish and it was a sort of shark that tasted nice with chips and didn't have any bones that could get stuck in your throat!

Holly, who was right behind me said that we had lots of bones in our body so they couldn't eat us!

We all had a laugh and off we went!

After lunch OTL loaded up the car with all his tools and went off all afternoon and didn't get back until this evening. Seems he has been working again on the Dustbin lorries and we know that 'cos when he got back he Ponged!

Early to bed tonight 'cos we have got to get up early 'cos OTL is off again to do some more work in the morning!

Busy busy, poor lad!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy Dogfish and Holly the Halibut! (Sounds Fishy to Us!)


  1. HI Girls, OTL must have listened as there are loads of pictures of you two tonight, great stuff.
    Poor OTL having to get up twice in one night, never mind you are worth it. XXX

  2. You two are always on the lookout for food... people will think I don't feed you!!xx