Friday, 14 September 2012

Frantic Friday in The Forest!

Hi Ho Woofers!

It's us, Daisy & Holly again!

What a rush around day this has been. First of all we chased a couple of Rabbits on The Sea Wall this morning and Holly was so excited she almost forgot to have a wee!

Back home, Old Two Legs had to leave us 'cos he went to see a customer and didn't feel safe leaving us in the car park on our own!

He came back and then we went off collecting and delivering and stuff like that. After all that we decided that it would be a good idea to visit The Forest again!

Well, we haven't been there for some time and Holly wanted to know if it had changed, I wanted to Hunt Squirrels!

First of all there was the 'Sniffin' to see who had been around lately, most important to know who might jump out on us!

This is a New One!
After that we set about looking for 'Sniff Signs', you know, 'A Squirrel passed this way'

Sniffin for Squirrels!
We could detect squirrels but it was difficult 'cos leaves had fallen and we were not sure if we were sniffin 'Squirrel on The Ground' or 'Squirrel trod of this leaf and leaf has fallen off tree', and you thought it was just sniffin for squirrels!

OTL was more interested in trying to photograph a Hover Fly, hovering!

Not very good are they!

We carried on with our task, 'A Squirrel before we Leave'

One has been here today!
OTL was still more interested in taking photos than hunting squirrels and started looking through the trees!

Dartford Bridge
Holly and I got fed up with waiting for OTL and off we went. I saw one squirrel on the ground but he got up the tree before I got to him, sneaky squirrel!

Just come back down!
We were following the path when Holly suddenly stopped and pointed at a squirrel sitting on a log, with it's back to us, brushing it's whiskers!

That was it, we were off like a couple of 'Puppy Powered Rockets'!

The Chase is on!

The Chase!
We chased that squirrel around the trees and didn't let him too far ahead of us, I raced around the trees one way and Holly went the other way, it was great fun!

Then the squirrel seemed to disappear! I mean. one moment he was there then, poof, it was gone!

Holly climbed up a tree and had a look around but still no sign of our squirrel!

Sneaky Holly Spotting Squirrel!
While we were doing our squirrel thing, OTL wandered off again and we found him photographing the first Bracket Fungi of the year!

First of the year!
On our way out he found another on the trunk of an Oak Tree, even we had to admit, it looked pretty!


Back home we went and got fed some super beef, well they were off cuts from OTL's curry that The Missus was cooking up. See, she makes a vast vat of curry and then freezes dinner size portions so OTL can have a curry any time without too much effort!

Holly and I had a super dinner, beef followed by some chicken stew left over from dinner!

We are going to sleep well tonight!

See you tomorrow, OTL is back in the garden, digging!

Bye bye!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hi Girls,
    Well the ratio is going up as it is your blog, five pictures of you, two rather naff ones and some fungus. The fungus where good as they did not move and also the snail was hardly moving.
    You two were moving quite fast but not fast enough to get that squirrel. XXX

  2. Oh you have had a good day today, seeing a squirrel is better than not finding one, keep trying. TM been cooking again (have to give her a little praise now and then). OTL been working and taking photos, a big well done to him. Lovely pictures today I do enjoy reading your diary. xx