Monday, 8 April 2013

Busy Busy and The Missus Returns!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again!

Well, after yesterdays fun and games we have up loaded the video to YouTube, thanks PeeJay for the advice, and if you want to see the whole thing :-

Now I know that Old Two Legs has not got full control of the video editing program and somehow we seem to have chopped a bit off the end and replayed the bit where Snowflake crawls down his arm, but he will get better, promise!
Thanks to PeterC who explained the 'Bushy Tail' effect, you can see that she was in the 'Excited' mode and after a while she settled down. So, I can see more trips down to The Sea Wall for Snowflake, but only when the sun shines!
It was a bit 'breezy' this morning and even OTL had his hood up!  Mind you it was sunny, well, sort of, the sun was poking through the clouds and made a colourful splash across the estuary!

A Golden Morning
We met up with Max & Oscar and Max confirmed that his lump on the neck was a cyst and after getting a needle in his rump from the vet, it has all cleared up now! So, that was good news!

and the Lumps All Gone Now!
We got introduced to a new doggy called Teddy, he is a Westie and a little bit of a 'Pudding', well we were not too sure if it was his long coat or his waist line that made him look like a 'Pudding' !
Teddy says 'Hello'
Then, back home to wait for OTL to load the caravan up for a trip to the Service Department but before we left, The Missus arrived back from her baby sitting duties!

Well, both Holly and me almost ran out of 'Lick'!

It was good to have her back, but it also means that we can't have our 'Wild Nights' like we do when she's away!

After dropping the caravan off, we stopped off at the New Park for a run around, it made a change to go there and not get blown over by a howling wind!
Back home to catch up on our snoozing and see if OTL is worth mugging for his dinner!
See you tomorrow!
Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (Super Star!)


  1. Yay! Tell OTL he did good. He can 'embed' the video into the blog rather than a link, then it can be played directly from the blog. Get OTL to have a good look around YouTube. He should notice the 'share' option and then embed. Copy the code that comes up for the size he selects and then paste into the html side of the post. That way the actual video will show in the post, rather than a link. It's better than using Blogger to post vids, whatever way he chooses :)

  2. Great! With YouTube I got to watch the video from my ipad.

  3. Brilliant video, I presume Daisy and Holly were doing the camera work, which was also brilliant. Glad your little friend's neck is better. xxx

  4. Good for OTL, video was great and looking forward to the next edition, Pee-Jay was very nice to help you.
    TM is back, I read elsewhere that she has brought lots and lots of extra "things" with her so watch out when you leave your day beds she might get ideas to "MOVE IN"! Hope you got treated to some nice nibbles tonight and sorry that it has put pay to your Wild Party Nights. xxx xxx

  5. Hi Girls, with all than went on last night I miss your blog, shame on me. Love the video OTL is slowly getting better but I bet it's with your help. XX