Tuesday, 9 April 2013

OTL's getting good at this!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here!

What happened to the weather? Sunday it was super sun shine but today, windy, wet and a bit chilly!

Even Snowflake decided that she would stay at home instead of visiting the beach!

Holly has not been feeling too well, she has eaten something that has disagreed with her and upset her tummy.

It's a good job she can give one of her 'Loud Woofs' when she wants to go out 'cos it takes a Big Woof to wake up Old Two Legs from his slumber!

Well, she Woofed four times last night and when she came back in from the garden, there was OTL to wash her butt for her, all together now......aaaahhh!

We had a good run this morning, down to the beach, did what we had to then back to the car! It was windy, wet and decidedly not the weather for doggies!

Come On! Back Home!

We have, well OTL has, been playing with the YouTube link and we reckon he is almost there now and to prove it, here's a bit we missed from Sunday's video!

Thanks PeeJay, we found the Embed link!

Miss Chuckles? That's not what he called her when she nipped him!

Lunch time we were down The Sea Wall again and the tide was right in, in fact it was at the very point where it turns and goes out again. I was walking along the wall and got splashed by some spray from a wave as it crashed against the wall!

It was one like this that splashed me!
Holly and OTL were laughing their tails off 'cos I couldn't see it coming!

OTL spotted a rabbit in the grass, just sitting there and we missed it all together!

If I sit still they won't see me at all!
We had seen some workmen digging holes and on our way back to the car we came across one of these holes full of concrete.

Holly said it would be a good idea if we walked over it so that our paw prints would be there for years and we would be famous!

We ran towards the hole and jumped in, trouble was, it was hard and dry and wasn't going to have Daisy & Holly Paw Prints for ever!

You can't win them all!

Ready, Steady..........Jump!
With a bit of luck, OTL may be playing with the Camcorder tomorrow!

Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly and Snowflake


  1. Lovely piccie of the rabbit. Loved the video, Archie could here the chuckles and was very interested. What a shame you couldn't leave you foot prints in the concrete. xxx

  2. p.s. Hope Holly's tum is better xx

  3. Hi Girls, OTL is getting good at the video now, well done that man.
    Poor Holly in trouble again, get better soon.
    See the wabit Daisy? got get him girl. XXX

  4. That poor Holly, I hope she is better soon. Love the video, did OTL delete the section where he was bitten? Are they building a base to mount a dais displaying a statue of "The Two Best Puppies in Kent"? Keep watching, let us know, also sorry you were splashed, keep warm. xxx