Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Smelly Nelly's R Us!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake!

What a super day it has been, sunshine, Snowflake does a Marathon and we get a wash!

It all started off this morning when we got up, well, Old Two Legs got up after I had given him a 'Wake Up' lick behind his ear!

Snowflake was rattling on her door 'cos she wanted a run around and fancied chasing some of her squeaky balls!

OTL said he would sort her out, she was coming for a walk along The Sea Wall with us!

Off we went and Snowflake didn't try to get out of her carry cage, she had worked out that if OTL puts her in the cage then good things happen, except when she gets taken to the vet!

Down on the Sea Wall she was let out and off we all went. Except for a couple of times when OTL had to pick her up 'cos she wanted to go the other way, Snowflake did the same walk as us, about a half of a mile!

Now that is some serious running for a ferret, it is like a Two Legs running the marathon!

When we got back, she had a bite to eat and then went to bed until lunchtime when she had another nibble of her ferret nuggets and went back to sleep!

 OTL took us out with him when he went to do some deliveries and we ended up in The New Park!

Just as we got through the gate a big hairy hound came behind us and I was a bit worried he might eat us, but it turned out he was a big softy and he even gave Holly a cuddle!

Holly gets a cuddle!
 When I saw how much of a softy he was I got all big and brave, and while he was looking the other way, I risked a sniff, as you do!

A Sneaky Sniff!
 We had our normal run around and even went along the path where the horses have a run, we didn't see any but we did come across a Super Sniff!

Well, the sniff was so strong and so good and so squidgy and so spread out, we just had to have a roll!

It was a Super Roll and we didn't even take any notice when OTL started to jump up and down and shout at us and even when he was calling us 'Smelly Nelly's'

It doesn't get any better than this Sis!
 We got a rub down with the industrial strength hand wipes when we got back to the car and when we got back home, it was a full wash down from our head to our tail!

Was it worth it?

You betcha is was!

See you tomorrow and maybe Snowflake will be out again on her marathon!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake


  1. What lovely rolling, Archie says, way to go girls! Xxx

  2. Hi Girls,
    I bet OTL wasn't very happy with you rolling in the

  3. I bet that roll around was very, very good, even worth the industrial wipes and wash down. Haven't seen that big dog before perhaps the weather is bringing them all out.
    Snowflake is getting very domesticated with her walk arounds, I wonder if you came across many people. xxx