Tuesday, 16 April 2013

We went down to the woods today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back with you!

Today we saw the first Swallow of the year down on The Sea Wall. It went by us at such a speed that even Old Two Legs couldn't get a picture!

It's a good sign that Summer is on it's way but how long and how hot is another question!

As we got to the end of our morning stroll we came across a rubbish bin, a new rubbish bin, a rubbish bin that we now will call 'The Three Man Bin'!

It's The Three Man Bin!
 Back home it was 'Doggy Scoff', not our favourite food, so a quick nibble then off for a second snooze!

OTL was playing games with Snowflake, they started off by moving the squeaky balls around the office, then OTL went down stairs and Snowflake chased him all the way down the stairs and back up again!

Now, Snowflake has a very best favourite squeaky ball and today she decided to have a cuddle with it when she went to bed for her second snooze of the day.

All together............Ahhhhhhh!

Snowflake jus' loves her ball!
 Lunchtime came and we were off to town to deliver some stuff and get the car filled up with petrol. Of course, as we were so close, we just had to stop off at The Forrest!

Well, we haven't been there for such a long time 'cos it has been so wet and muddy. It was still muddy in parts but most of it was dry and of course, there is always a chance of catching a squirrel!

No Mud Yet!
OTL was looking out for the flowers starting to bloom, it will be soon that the leaves come out on the trees, then all the flowers will fade, so it is always worth getting a shot or two to see the transition between all the plants!

Daffs in the wood!
 While OTL was playing with the flowers, we were off hunting squirrel. I stood very still and listened out for their rustling sounds.

Me, listening hard for squirrels!
 Then Holly joined in listening for squirrels and you know what?


Not so much as a rustle!
 Now either we are getting out of practice or those squirrels are staying in bed longer but we didn't even get a sniff of squirrel droppings, never mind a chance of a chase!

As Holly said, 'Back to the Rabbits'!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (with her squeaky ball)


  1. That's a lovely 3 man bin.......... and a smashing piccie of Snowflake cuddling her ball.
    Shame about the squirrels, we have some you can share though :)xxx

  2. Hi girls,
    love the ones of you two listening for Squirrels and Snowflake in bed. You cant catch Rabbits so you stand no change with Squirrels. Lol XX

  3. What a lovely selection of photos today, I can't even begin to pick a favourite although in last place is definitely that bin!
    All this sunshine is so good and gives everyone a chance to follow their hobby whether it is photography or squirrel everyone can take part!
    Enjoy the weather and keep them peeled! xxx