Monday, 5 August 2013

I see fun coming soon!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Now, as you know, Old Two Legs has been out today doing 'Work' and the work involves working on Dustbin Lorries. Not that we have anything against Dustbin Lorries, we all need them to take away the rubbish.

But, when OTL comes back after a days working on them, he 'Honks' I mean, really Honks, so bad that we tell him to get up to the shower and have a good wash down, all over, from the top of his bald head all the way to his paws, sorry, toes!

And put his clothes straight in the washing machine to be washed!

He says it doesn't bother him 'cos his sense of smell has almost disappeared!

It may not bother him but it sure leaves an impression on us!


We were out this morning first thing and today we took Snowflake with us for a walk. She was not in a good mood this morning, she would have preferred to stay in bed and snooze instead of running along the beach!

It took ages to get her going, but when she started, she took off like a rocket!

That ferret can sure get a move on when she wants!

I think that maybe we should take Mr Brambles in the morning 'cos he likes to have a 'Doggy' style stroll and a sniff!

Lunch time came and The Missus took us over the Farm but left Mr Brambles at home!

Mr Brambles was not happy!

We got covered in those nasty grass darts and TM even kept us on our lead until we were past the rabbits!

Come back smelly OTL, all is forgiven!

Before OTL set off for work he was having a look on the Internet thingy on the computer 'cos Fiona suggested that we get a Yoke Harness for the ferrets.

OTL always does what he is told, almost all the time, and he has purchased, at considerable expense, a Ferret Yoke Harness or as they call it a 'Tandem Coupler'

I know that the picture is nothing like Snowflake and Mr Brambles but it gives you an idea of the size.

Now, close your eyes and picture this,  Mr Brambles with his laid back 'stroll and sniff' way of walking and Miss Snowflake with her 'Lightning Bolt' way of running?

So, Mr Brambles stops and because he is heavier than Snowflake, she ends up running around him while she is attached to the 'Tandem Coupler', OTL's feet are taken away from under him by the speed of Snowflakes circular perambulations, at this point, both ferrets take off like a helicopter and land on OTL as he is trying to get up and hang onto the lead at the same time!

Yeah! We got some interesting times to come!

Well, OTL has just come in and we have sent him off to the bathroom! This warm weather sort of enhances the Dustbin Lorry pong!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. I can just picture that scene .......... I hope he doesn't land on Snowflake or Mr Brambles ....
    I can imagine you and Holly hiding behind something laughing at them. Hope to see you and meet Mr Brambles on Saturday :) xx

  2. Hi all, sorry been away again.

    That harness idea is a yoke, sorry could not resist it. Good luck on the walks, that's all I can say. XXX

  3. The yoke looks good, maybe it will take time getting used to it but it will be brilliant, do they do bigger ones for your two? Waiting for more news, behave yourselves our I will send our Daisy down to sort you out. XX XX

  4. When I had two ferrets who got on, I had them on that sort of lead join. The fun was when they wanted to go round obstacles on opposite sides. They would forever be tying themselves in knots,