Monday, 25 November 2013

A Tyre'ing Day for OTL!

Hello Woofers!

It's Us, The Gang, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Just for a change, the sun has come out and the wind has dropped a bit and it is not so cold!

We were out good and early for our morning stroll along the Sea Wall. It was a good job we weren't rushed 'cos while Old Two Legs was striding off with the ferrets in his arms, I found this  really smelly pile and had a roll in it!

OTL didn't spot it until we had got back in the car and a I wanted a cuddle before he set off for home.

I didn't get a cuddle and was banned to the back of the car!

But I get ahead of myself.

Down on the beach the ferrets had their normal trick of trying to creep up on us, without any success!

I can hear the shells crunching!
 These ferrets have no idea of 'Silent Creeping'!

Mr B tried a charge down the rock face but Holly had spotted him when he slipped and banged his claw and gave out a cry!

I can Seeee You!
 In the end they gave up and went off Sniffing the Sniffs!

Oh Yuk! This sniffs like Cat!
On the way back down to the car, I had that 'Roll' while OTL wasn't looking, but when Mr B tried to rush up and nip me, he got as far as my leg and shouted 'Phew! You Honk!'

Well, I had to have a wash when I got home but it did keep Mr B away for a while!

OTL had got a screw buried in his tyre, the big car, and it was too close to the edge to be repaired, so that means he has to have a new tyre. It's not really that simple 'cos he wants the same tyre with chunky tread 'cos he is going to visit Scotland again to try for some more 'Snow & Mountains' photography and needs good tyres if there is a lot of snow, especially if it's on the ground and the roads!

Well, to cut a long tale short, he decided that it would be the safe thing to do is to replace all four tyres!

I do hate it when he cries like that, it's almost as bad as when he gets the vet bill!

So, the tyres were ordered this morning and were delivered this afternoon and down he went to get them fitted. We decided that we would stay at home 'cos those tyre places are not for doggies and they are mucky as well!

Well, I wouldn't want to get grubby after getting all clean and smelling sweet!

Going back again, on our lunch time walk I found the pile of smelly again, and I had a roll, a really good roll, it was all over my back!

OTL didn't spot me doing the roll and only noticed it right at the end of the walk, I was called a 'Smelly Nelly' and banned to the back of the car again!

It was a bigger wash this time 'cos it had really managed to spread all over my back!

I was wet all over by the time OTL had finished the wash!

Who knows, maybe next time Holly can join me as well!

See you tomorrow, dinners on the table and while OTL's still crying we may get some of his dinner!


Daisy, (Smelly Nelly), Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. Oh Daisy, what are you like? Smelly twice in one day ........... they must have been well good sniffs. Hope Mr Brambles toe is alright. Poor OTL, is wallet must be as skinny as my purse. Still at least he has good tyres for the bad weather. Looks like you had a good day today though. I take it you got a decent brekkie. Archie sends licks and sniffs to you all, he's been back to the vets again today, we're still waiting for results but he seems to be ok for the moment and quite up to his normal naughtiness. Happy muggings tonight, don't make OTL cry too much. xxxx :)

  2. Good news on Archie Babe, claws crossed! Tell him to take more water with it next time!
    Daisy & The Gang (On the Big Computer)!

    1. I will tell him, you are clever Daisy to type on the big computer :) xxxx

  3. You really are clever Daisy typing on the big machine, next thing we know you will be making cards and Blogging them. Now this rolling in smells, I just hope it is worth your while after upsetting OTL when his defences are down and his wallet thin. Maybe you will need to get yourself a job to help pay for them, how about making an adventure playground in the garden with the old tyres, that would be fabulous and you could charge all the locals canines to visit. Oh, I can see it now...............! Hope you had a good mugging tonight from OTL's dinner, something nice and juicy. xxxx