Saturday, 23 November 2013

Saturday With OTL

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Well, we had plans for a fun day today, you know, a run through the woods and maybe a swim in the Swimming Hole in the New Park, followed by a run along the beach.

Then back home for a meal of Lambs Heart and an afternoon snooze while OTL gets on with the decorating.

The plans went out the window around three this morning!

Holly woke Old Two Legs up, she needed to get out into the garden 'cos she had a tummy upset. Possibly from something we sniffed or chewed on yesterday!

By the time OTL had done his morning exercise on the rowing machine I was getting the 'Grumbly Tum' as well. I told OTL that I needed to get out, like as soon as possible, even if it's seven fifteen!

That meant he didn't get his breakfast and the ferrets didn't get their morning run but they did get their milk 'cos OTL put it in their cage before taking Holly and me out.

We got down to the Sea Wall and I just managed to get into the long grass in time!

Phew! It was close!

Although we didn't have the ferrets with us we still had a good run and OTL managed to get a few shots of the sun climbing up over Sheerness!

Here comes the Sun!
 Then as we got to the point where we turn to go back to the car the sky changed as the sun poked its face out from behind the clouds.

Good Morning Sheerness!
 We caught up on some sniffs and even woofed at a couple of Gulls as they flew over!

Hey! This ones new!
 Back home to see The Missus disappearing out of the front door with Auntie Sheila and a ton of card making stuff. 'I've done the dogs food' she said as the door crashed shut.

Off we went to investigate....................YUK! YUK! YUK!

Yep, you guessed Doggy Scoff!

We're getting the ferrets out tonight!

Talking of ferrets, OTL has got some 'Ferret Bits', they are a sort of 'Treat' which both of them just love! They are small squares of stuff filled with a malt type of middle, which they also love!

OTL gave one to each of them and Snowflake went off and crunched her way through hers and was having a super time.

Mr Brambles on the other hand managed to get his stuck between his teeth in the roof of his mouth and was doing some strange waving of his head to try to dislodge it, without success. OTL spotted this head waving and picked Mr Brambles up, opened his mouth and prised the  offending treat out. Trouble was, he left his finger in Mr Brambles mouth just half a second too long and as his jaws came together one of his fangs buried it's self into OTL's finger!

Mr Brambles finished off the treat first then climbed up OTL's shirt and gave him a lick on his nose to say 'Thanks and Sorry' all at the same time!

Lunch time we all went out together and the ferrets had a super time digging in the grass and trying to chase Holly!

Well, I reckon it's a Weasel!
 We could almost hear them, 'Lets, pretend that we are not interested in them and when they get close enough........we'll have them!'

Just pretend you don't see them!
 Of course, we saw them and stayed well down the beach and carried on Snifin' the Sniffs!

Just how silly do they think we are?
 We 'Out Foxed' them and Snowflake was the first to give up and head back to the car!

Come on, back to the car!
 It was sunny but a bit windy however it wasn't too cold and the ferrets enjoyed the run even if it was in the middle of their midday snooze!

We all had a good afternoon watching the F1 on the TV and snoozing!

The Missus has just come in after her Crop and was all full of a 'wonderful day' with her 'Glue & Glitter' girls.

Whatever turns you on!

So, we're off to do some mugging 'cos we can sniff meat being cooked, so that means goof muggings tonight!

How is Archie Babe? Did he do a Cocoa and take a lump out of the vet or did he succumb to the 'Foody Bribes!

See you tomorrow and let's hope the rain stays away, we need the sun!

Bye for now,


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Archie sends licks and sniffs to you, he's back to his normal self after the trauma of no brekkie yesterday. The vet and nurses say he was a very good boy and had lots of cuddles and walks (they were trying to get him to do a wee, but he wouldn't). He's very sorry to hear you had grumbly tums and he says he can always recommend a nice vet with lovely nurses should you need to go again, they give out very tasty treats. Those ferrets are little devils, trying to catch you out and nip your tails. Sorry to hear TM has been naughty again with the scoff, I think you're right a 2 ferrets under the bottom of the duvet will make her think again. Lovely blog and beautiful pictures. Happy meat mugging girls :) xxx

  2. Oh dear girlies sorry to hear you have had dodgy tummies, it's not funny especially when it catches you in the middle of the night, still good OTL was on hand to sort you both out. Poor Mr B just when he was enjoying a treat it goes and gets jammed in his teeth, I once jammed my whole mouth up, sniffed out a huge apple core while I was out walking with TM, well I got it into my mouth and sank my teeth in but couldn't open my teeth again, I was drooling and frothing, TM was panicking and when we got home my OTL managed to unjam my teeth, TM is a wuss in situations!! Hey watch those ferrets they look as if they definitely had a plan to GET one of you. OOOOh do you think it is wise to unleash the ferrets on TM there would be lots of squealing and throwing off the bedclothes and she might put you on dry biccies and water for the week and take your carrot rations off you. Give her another chance eh!! Pleased to hear little Archie is ok, sounds as if he gets spoilt by the nurses too. Well girlies I'll be thinking of you tonight, you never know you might get some good muggins and won't have to use Plan B xxx Jasper & his missus xx

  3. I missed this Blog entirely, I don't know what is happening because I use Blogger Dashboard to access the Blogs I follow and yours doesn't always show up, I have to open the days befores' and then select Newer Post from the bottom. Today I read today's which didn't make sense until I realised that I hadn't seen yesterdays, therefore I made a comment about not hearing of the rowing machine when you had mentioned it yesterday. Please forgive me.
    Sorry about the poorly tums, hope you are both better now and Mr Brambles I hope he isn't put off the treats after getting his mouth jammed. Mind you, Snowflake probably laughed her head off and hopes that he won't want any more. Note to self: watch out to read Mondays Blog tomorrow. See you then. xxxx