Friday, 3 January 2014

OTL Has Sunk The Rowing Machine!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

We have had some fun today, first of all Old Two Legs was woken up early this morning by some Quadraphonic Snoring! The Missus and Holly and Me were all laying on our backs, mouths open and giving some stick! Poor OTL just couldn't get back to sleep, mind you it was his own snoring that woke him up! In the end he got up and crept off to the Office with plans to spend some time rowing around in circles and waking the ferrets up!

No such luck, the ferrets were awake and scampering around Snowy Heights having an early breakfast!

So, he sat down on the machine, strapped his feet into the foot rests, took a deep breath and started to row. In, Out, In, Out, In Out, In, Out, In, Out, In Out, In, Out, In, Out, In Out, PING, Whoa! Thud! OUCH!

OTL had fallen off the back of the machine holding the handle that was supposed to be attached to the rope that he pulled on the make it all work!

OTL was not a Happy Puppy! He now has to take it all to bits to make repairs before he can get going again!

Of course, being up so early means we got out for our run early as well!

The Infrared Camera Whatsit Thingy was the first camera he put his hand on and decided to try some 'Early Morning' photo's.

The Path from the Car Park.
 It looks dead strange in Infrared! Holly is looking forward to the snow 'cos she says that the snow should look black!

I don't think so!

Would Frost look black?
 Once we got onto the beach OTL took a picture of us and our brown rain coats come out looking blue! Mind you, the sky which should have a blue tinge to it looked brown!

 The sand on the beach, which is a sort of brown looking stuff looked brown when it should have looked blue!

Brown Sand that should have come out Blue!
 Now all this is confusing OTL like mad!

What with all that rain last night the ground was getting really soggy and on the way out to the beach it was all Quaggy everywhere so OTL came back on the concrete path!

It's just Too Quaggy on the way out!
 One good thing about the path was, No Puddles and Holly stood next to OTL and she reckons the picture should be called 'Holly & Old Two Legs'!

'Holly & Old Two Legs'
All along the path there were patches of Lichen with a yellow colour but when we used Infrared on it the colour changed but the yellow Bug turned Pink!

Spot the Pink Bug!
 OTL thought that possibly there were good pictures that he could convert to Black and White!

Sand Waves!
Holly spotted a pyramid on the beach and asked if it was called The Grain Pyramid?

The Grain Pyramid!
TM got a Happy New Year Present in the post this morning from Archie's Mum, a super 2014 Calendar, with three Fairy's on it and flower thingy's around the edge!

TM has hung in in her craft room and taken down the calendar that OTL gave her saying she never liked pictures of coaxial cable!

At lunch time, the wind got up and when we went down to the beach wearing our Waggles Jackets, which was a good thing 'cos it kept us good and warm!

Holly says that OTL would look good in a Waggles Jacket!

 Mind you, we do look rather smart when we are all dressed up.

Looking Good Miss Holly!
You know what, when we went along the Sea Wall there were some Two Legs who were thinking of going for a paddle in the water but the doggy with them said that if they wanted a swim, they are on their own!

What Part of 'No' don't you understand!
 It wasn't too long before there was a yapping around the corner that signalled to arrival of Max and Oscar! Of course, as soon as they saw him they were all over OTL like a rash!

Back home we crashed out for the afternoon listening to TM and Auntie Shela playing with the glue pot and a box of glitter!

Not sure what is for dinner tonight but it's just got to be better than the Doggy Scoff we got served with this morning!

Now, we want to know how Archie Mate got on at the vets. He went in for some blood tests and was expecting to get loads of cuddles and nibbles all day long! Lucky lad, it's got to be better than Doggy Scoff!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Brilliant blog today Daisy. Poor OTL, I hope he didn't hurt himself when his boat run aground. I hope you's didn't laugh too much either. Archie and I aren't laughing (much). Love those infra red photos they're really good. Glad TM liked the calendar, not much room to mark dates on it though, but just enough to circle her workshops hopefully. I think coaxial cable can be pretty, if it has fairies on it. Sorry to hear about the doggie scoff though, what happened to TM's new year resolution cooking you girls and OTL a hearty breakfast? I'm sure I heard her say sometime that was going to be one of her resolutions ............ or did I just think I heard it? Archie has had a lovely day, one of the nurses said they'd all been having cuddles with him and he'd been a very good boy giving out lots of kisses. He's home now and having just a little sulk, after his dinner. I think I'll be in his good books in about an hour or so. He's having an after cuddly day snooze. Well girls I hope TM makes it up to you tonight with some nice muggings. Stay safe down there in the wind and rain. :) xxx

  2. I like the "Sand Waves" best but the seaweed always looks good in that infrared. Poor rowing machine has been overworked and now needs repairing, I do hope OTL only hurt his pride when he fell off, still gives him something to do! Coaxial cable to be fair, isn't something that I would enjoy seeing on the wall, it has its uses but not as a decoration. Much prefer our Dolphins in the office and twelve "Michael Shots" in the kitchen, for January we have Durdle Door, near Lulworth Cove in Dorset not that I would want to be there at this moment. Keep dry and safe and I hope your tummies get some really good proper food very soon. xxxx