Tuesday, 18 March 2014

OTL's in Trouble and I have another swim!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again.

It has been a bit of a mixed day today, a bit dull to begin with and then sunshine later, followed by a bit of rain and then sunshine!

Not that it worried me 'cos I planned to have another dip in the sea but when we got down to the Sea Wall, the tide was out!

It didn't matter to the ferrets 'cos they were having fun running about on the sea shells at the top of the beach.

Look! They're All Mine!
 Mind you, that was only after they both dug a 'His and Hers' hole!

You stick to your own hole Mr!
One of the things that makes me smile it the way that the ferrets really enjoy having a scratch on the tufts of grass. Old Two Legs is watching them and smiling.

There is nothing like a good scratch!
Mind you, when Holly and I do it, he calls it 'Rolling in Poo' and tells us off!

We headed back to home looking forward to a good breakfast but when we got there The Missus had steam coming out of her ears! Seems like OTL forgot she wanted the little car this morning and OTL had forgotten!

That was it, OTL in Deep Poo!

We had our breakfast, Lambs Heart, but Holly said she didn't really feel like eating it all and just had a nibble. Seems like Miss Holly Dog has been nibbling on something that has given her the 'Grumbly Tum'!

OTL was in contact with the vet by phone and he has arranged for us to visit tomorrow so we can collect our prescription for the anti flea stuff for the year and some anti tick stuff for when we go on holiday!

He already is crying just at the thought of the cost!

Lunchtime walk was fun, the tide was in!

I found a stick that turned out to be a reed stem and OTL tossed it into the sea, off I went, Splash!

Holly stayed on the shore and was laughing at my Periscope Tail, which I was wagging at the same time!

Periscope up!
There were a couple of Black Headed Gulls on the breakwater and they told us to 'Clear Off' 'cos they wanted to practise their diving into the water!

Watch me dive in, just like a Gannet!
 Holly said that they were very bad mannered and chased them off the breakwater! Back I went to chasing the reed stem but it after a while it broke up.

OTL found a bit of wood that was so much better and we carried on playing 'Chase and Fetch'!

Still got me Periscope Up!
Holly says it is funny how I always keep my tail up in the air but other dogs she has seen swimming use their tails as rudders!

Well, when she gets into the water and has a swim we will see what she does with her tail!

Somehow I can't see Holly swimming, paddling maybe, but not swimming!

It will be fun on holiday when we get down to our sandy beach, let's see what she does when she is there!

We are off to sit up at the window to watch out for TM returning!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a cheeky OTL, laughing at Snowflake having a roll and telling you you're a smelly nelly. Don't stand for it Daisy. Lovely pictures today, you look like you're really enjoying your swimming, I love the periscope tail. Glad you got a decent brekkie as TM was cross with OTL. I think he shouldn't be fed tonight, you girls should get his rations. Hope Holly's tum is feeling better. It was good of her to chase those birds off so you could swim in peace. Have a lovely evening, Archie sends licks and wags to Holly for her poorly tum. :) xxxx

  2. Wow, so many shells for Miss Snowflake to dig in, where do they all come from? Every day there seems to be more and more. Glad you had a good swim Daisy and shame about your sister and her "Grumbley" tummy.
    Poor OTL more money to shell out, glad you all had a good day apart from TM. XXX

  3. Those gulls have all the sea and they choose your bit of beach, tut tut! Glad you aren't the only one that gets into trouble, today was OTLs day and he had doggy scoff for dinner? That periscope is a very good swimming aid and you look as though you were enjoying it, Snowflake and Mr Brambles were enjoying all those shells, it must be difficult to dig holes in shells because they must fall back down the hole but they do like having a good dig. So Miss Holly has the grumblies, TM has the steamings and that leaves OTL with the ..........ings and the spendings, oh well another day tomorrow. Be good and take care xxxx