Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Last Week!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles back again!

Well, today we not only had NO RAIN, but The Missus decided to come along and see what we get up to during the day!

First of all we headed up to our normal run and went off looking for rabbits and as normal, we only got sniffs, no sights!

Still, not to be too worried, we watched Old Two Legs help TM across the stream while balancing on the rocks.

MacHolly said she was taking bets on what part of the stream TM would fall in! Luckily, OTL held on to her and she crossed without incident!

Mind you, the way back was fun 'cos OTL's foot slipped and he ended up with a boot full of water, not that it worried him, his feet needed cooling off!

As normal, we ended up doing the full three miles and MacHolly and I even headed up into the hills, just to check out a sniff MacHolly caught on the wind!

There be sniffs here!
Next we were off to Lochbuie, which, is at the head of Loch Buie!

We had been there before and knew it contained loads of rabbits! The only trouble was, OTL also knew it was stuffed full of rabbits, so he made us wear our lead and then gave the lead to TM to hold!

Not fair!

Next thing we knew was the ferrets chasing us down the beach! MacHolly and I behaved like good puppies and played around on the sandy beach and even dipped our claws in the sea!

OTL told TM that we just wanted a splash about and that we may have forgotten the rabbits.

Yeah! Right!

We got let off and did a Very Fast Exit, up the beach to the gorse bushes where we knew they would be!

That was it, TM came stomping up the beach and we were both put back on the lead and marched down to the waters edge again!

Of course, the ferrets were laughing their whiskers off at MacHolly and me!

Because OTL had the ferrets, he didn't take the camera out of the car, so no pictures I'm afraid, blame the ferrets!

However, on the way back in the car we spotted 'Peacock Pete' strutting his stuff!
'ere! Wot about this then?
He was shaking those tail feathers fit to bust but we didn't see any females about, so maybe he was just practising!

Am I Hot or Wot!
Back home in Tobermory TM went off shopping while the rest of us stayed in the car and watched the world go by.
OTL suddenly starts waving his hand and calling out 'Hey! Are you Sid's offspring?'

This young gull turns around and says 'Yes'!

Sydney, Son of Sid!
Then him and OTL have a chat and we find that Sid has moved across to Oban 'cos the pickings are easier there and he has two brothers and a sister living there already.

All the time they were chatting there was another young sea gull sitting on a tyre giving a running commentary of who was buying what at the Fish & Chip van. Son of Sid said that they had now started to mug the youngsters of their chips if they hung about too long!

Son of Sid's Mate
Then TM came out and before long we had said good bye to Son of Sid and his mate and off back to the caravan for some dinner.

So, that's about it for today, we are off for a snooze before dinner then a snooze before going to bed!

This is our last week here and by next Saturday we will be back at home with a load of sniffs to sort out!

See you tomorrow!

McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss MacSnowflake and Mr McBrambles!


  1. You girls sure do live the life. I would have loved to have seen TM cross the stream ......... (paid good money for a pic of her falling in ...hahahahaha) Does TM not understand the meaning of dogs holiday ..... it's meant to be a holiday of hunting etc. How cruel to stop you from hunting the locals and putting you on your lead, especially in front of the McFerrets. I'm truly surprised TM didn't mug Pete for his beautiful feathers ....... or did she? Glad the family business of mugging the chippy eaters is being carried on by Sydney. It would be tragic if an established family business died out. I hope you all enjoyed them. Hope OTL's boot dried out, I expect he had a little snifter after dinner to keep away any chills. Archie has made a note that you will be home by next weekend and has asked me to post his little treat to you so that it reaches you on your return, to help you get used to being back home from your lovely safari. Hope you keep finding new and interesting sniffs up there and enjoy the rest of your time, with luck the rain will stay away for the last few days. Happy hunting xxxx

  2. Hi McFurries, good to have another digipostcard, guess that means OTL had to endure another coffee and bun to make use of their WIFI thingymijig. Lovely pics today, Pete the peacock he's a bit of a show off but his tail is something to behold... wish I could make mine do that. As for Sidney son of Sid fancy making a living out of muggin I never thought of that!! Sorry you didn't get a chance with the Wabbits today why are TMs so against a bit of of Wabbit chasing?. Had a bit of an adventure myself today my OTL found a little stray dog....he looked very much like your mate Archie he was all white... any way he ended up back at our house, my missus was making posters and sending OTL out in the rain to hang them up and his owner saw him ...and nearly kissed him he was so relieved. So he's gone home now, guess what!! they called him FLUFF well I ask you!! I would runaway from home if someone called me Fluff what sort of name is that for a dog...... Right I'm going to have a snooze now after a hectic morning. Hope the sun finds you up there in the far North enjoy the rest of your safari xxx Jasper & my missus who thinks she's the 'Dog Whsperer' now xxx

  3. Back again, beautiful Pete with his feathers, you don't see him on Grain beach! So you tried to pull a fast one on TM and she didn't let you catch a rabbit, tut tut. You will be walking those little legs off if you do much more, I think it is just as well you are about to return to Kent. Hope OTLs foot didn't suffer from that Scottish water, whiskey is fine but not water. xxxx