Thursday, 4 September 2014

In Trubble Again!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here with you again!

Poor Old Two Legs is crying again, he has just sent off a deposit on a new heating system for the house! Not that the present system doesn't work, it's just that he has taken a look at the pipes and stuff and he reckons it is 'Past it's Use By Date'!

So, first thing is the heating and then the ceiling replacement and then the decorating.

After that, he says he is going to have to look for a job to get some money to pay for it all! He has also said that unless we behave ourselves, he will sell us to 'Scrap Metal Man' and that includes the ferrets and The Missus as well!

Not that we believe him, TM wouldn't let him sell us!

Would she?

Holly says that just to be on the safe side, she is going to not take up so much of the bed or sofa when OTL is around, and she is not going to ignore him when he calls her when we're out walking, even if the sniff or rabbit is a 'Brilliant Find'!

We headed off to the beach and had a good laugh on the way down there as one of the ferrets was telling a story about chasing rabbits around the garden and falling in the pond!

Then we were off, Holly and I headed off in front while the ferrets stopped for a wee. Holly and I found a good sniff and were giving it some nose when we heard OTL calling us!

Is that him calling?..................Nah! Can't hear a thing!
Miss Snowflake sometimes gets embarrassed doing a wee on the path and she goes under the grass until she has finished.

Just like me!

No peeking!
Down on the beach we all had some fun, Holly and I gathered up some sniffs, Mr Brambles dug a hole or two and Miss Snowflake went back in the bag when OTL was untangling the leads!

.............are you sure that's not OTL calling?
The ferrets were full of fun and chased me up the hill not letting me stop for a sniff at all!

I ended up on the seat where they couldn't get to me!

Nah, Nah, Nah! Can't get me up here!
We went out delivering stuff this afternoon and stopped off at the Riverside Park. Holly sort of forgot everything about being kind to OTL and whenever he called her, she didn't even turn around!

Oh No, Now he's calling again, just keep going!
We went right up the end of the path and ended up at Horrid Hill. OTL said that it would be fun to photograph the sign board!

Now, you don't see that every day!
 Of course, while OTL was taking the photo, he called out for Holly to 'Come Here' 'cos he was worried she might wander off into the mud.

She didn't come back and instead went off to exchange sniffs with a Staffy who was out with his family.

In the end OTL got fed up with calling us.

No! It's not my fault, it's Yours!
Well, that was it, we were in trouble again and it's all that Holly's fault, well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Daisy, OTL would never sell you or Holly or the ferrets .......... he might sell TM though if she doesn't cook rice with your chicken when you're poorly. So much for Holly's resolutions to be kinder to OTL ....... she's a cheeky girl. Glad you all had fun on the beach this morning. Looks like you had fun at Riverside Park until you ignored him once too many times. Beautiful pictures today of all of you. Just think, when the bad weather comes, you'll be snuggly and warm, that OTL is good to make sure you don't get chilly in the winter. Have a lovely evening, hopefully with a few little snackettes. They may have to get smaller as OTL saves his pennies for the heating system though. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Nah TM wouldn't sell you but she might get rid of OTL as he put that power station chimney up behind the Horrid Hill Sign. lol XXX

  3. With all this money leaving Godwin Towers I can't see you getting chicken let alone rice and broth, things may have to change! If you and Holly got yourselves jobs helping the fishermen, how about that, you could help catch the fish with all your swimming expertise and Holly loves the mud so there would be an opportunity for catching worms. The ferrets................ I shall think up a scheme for them. You could be rewarded by the fishermen with sandwiches so saving money on your food. There you go, problems solved. Love the pictures especially the one of you on the seat looking down at Mr B and Miss S, she is so bashful, bless her. Hope you get a few little titbits tonight, you need to keep your strengths up for when the heating is removed. xxxx