Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Holly gets the Coat and The Ferrets hunt the 'Why I Man'!

Hi Woofers or as they say up here, Eee Up Chuck!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles  up in Lovely Yorkshire!

Have we had some fun! First of all, Holly got 'The Cramps' yesterday evening and had to have a cuddle with Old Two Legs all evening and most of the night! This morning she was back to her normal self. We could tell she was better 'cos she headed for the food bowl and finished off last nights leftovers!

For most of the night we had rain, then it was more rain and finally, lots of rain! Which is another good reason for cuddling up to OTL!

The ferrets were asking about the 'Why I Man' that Archie Babe was talking about and was it a 'Dangerous Thing'?

If your a 'Why I Man' come here, NOW!
Well, none of us knew but Miss Snowflake said that she would keep an eye open for anything that looked like a 'Why I Man'!

Mr Brambles got a little worried when he was sniffing a leaf and he thought he heard a 'Why I Man' behind him!

I don't care, I'm not looking behind me!

Miss Snowflake told him to 'Man Up' and carried on searching the roots of an old tree!

If you're a Why I or even a Eee Be Goom, come out NOW!
Neither of the ferrets found anything other than some funny sniffs!

After all that we headed off into town! Well, a sort of bigger place than the village we are staying at!

The Missus went off in search of a Co-Op while OTL went off in search of a Pet Shop, Holly and I stayed in the car woofing at all the Bozo's who dared to get close to the car!

It was a little while later that a red faced OTL came puffing and blowing into the car park, seems he has found a Pet Shop and it has some Rain Coats in stock!

Well, we were off and running and pretty soon we were being measured up and down our backs and around our tummy and OTL and the Lady Two Legs were Umm'ing and Arr'ing about the style and sizes. I got lifted up onto the counter and was the 'Test' for the coats. Some were too big and some were too small and some were just right but such terrible colours! I mean 'Pink'!

Can you imagine us in PINK!

Finally we settled on a super Blue and Green number that goes over our head and covers our chest and tummy. There are fixing straps that come up the side and with the help of a little bit of Velcro, come together across out back!

It has a nice collar that will stop the wind from blowing down our back and the coat length is just right 'cos it stops at our tail!

OK, says OTL, 'I'll take two please'

'Sorry' says the Lady, 'I've only got one in stock!'

Some more discussions took place and the Lady says that she will go to the 'Wholesaler' at the end of the month and bring one back to the shop for us!

Great, now, who has the new one?

Just wait until it rains, I reckon we will be having a fine old ding dong over who gets the new coat!

Lunchtime it wasn't raining, so Holly and I went out looking for these Eee-Be-Gooms.

First we came across some 'Hens and a Big Cockerel' who, OTL said, was in charge of his girls.

We had a woof at them and they all ran away, that left Holly to ask if we thought they would have tasted like chicken!

OTL didn't answer but was laughing all the way to the next gate!

There we came across some Pheasants who were having some sort of  Argy Bargy which Holly said sounded a bit like 'Why I Man'!

Was that a 'Why I'?
Today we went even further along the footpath and out onto a hillside where the sun was shining!

On the hill was a farmstead and OTL said it must be bit bleak during the Winter but just now it looks a super place to live!

One of those 'I'd like to live there' houses!
We crossed a small bridge over the stream and several of those Pheasants were clucking away at us from behind the tree and going Eee-Be-Goom, just to wind Holly up!

There's an Ee-Be-Goom up there!
So, we are now off to mug OTL for some of his dinner, Sausages and Chips tonight and TM always cooks an extra one for us!

See you tomorrow, if the Wi-Fi still works.

OTL says it would quicker by Royal Mail!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Eee Bee Goom, it does sound interesting up there. Archie says Why I man are very friendly, nothing to be worried about. Just hope you don't go on moors B'aht tat. Anyway, sorry to hear Holly still had the grumbly tum, I'm sure cuddling up with OTL will help it. So this shop only had one coat to suit, what a shame, hope the lady can get another one quickly or you two may have to share like a push me pull you.
    Good to hear Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles have been enjoying their holiday, I bet the sniffs up there are brilliant. Were there any sniffs worth rolling in? The pictures are beautiful with the stunning scenery and of course with you lot in them. Hope OTL and TM are enjoying themselves. Archie went to school yesterday and a little boy ate one of his dog biscuits, Archie was outraged and is now considering whether he wants to continue going in to see the little TL's if they are going to pinch his treats. Hope you got some treats in the pet shop, watch out for little TL's if you did, Arch says you can't trust them. So it's Ee up chuck from me and enjoy your sausages, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxx

  2. Oh dear, no Scottish Deer but plenty of Scottish Wet by the sound of it, I don't see why you didn't want the pink coats after all, pink is for girls and pink makes the boys wink! Maybe it was a very bright pink and something that you would be embarrassed to wear at home, like TM wearing a bright yellow micro bikini while on holiday isn't something she would like to be seen in on Grain Seafront, unless she wanted to attract Southend. Would brighten the Wormy Mans' day but that is another story! Pretty scenery where you are just keep looking out for those strange creatures and don't jump if you see TM in her micro bikini. The little ones seem to be enjoying themselves better than the Ferret Hotel any day, all keep well and watch out for Holly. I hope you are able to get another coat while you are away as you would not want to have different, you look so cute in twin outfits. Hope the sausage was good, keep up the internet. xxxxxx