Monday, 20 October 2014

I get Wet and Meet a Gruffalo and Mr Brambles goes Indian!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Wot a day we have had, first of all, we were up late, not too late but late enough not to see any rabbits! Holly and I hunted all over the place but they had all gone back to bed!

Not a Rabbit to be seen!
When we got down to the beach, almost all of the birds had flown off as well, except one gull that was flying over the top of us and calling out 'Hello Girls!'

Hello Girls!
Mr Brambles had the pickle in him today and set about chasing Miss Snowflake up and down the beach and every time she turned around to tell him to 'Clear Off!' he would roll on his back and say 'Tickle me Tummy Mummy!'

In the end even Snowflake was laughing!

Then he found a feather and stuck it in his harness and said he was a red Indian!

Me Indian!
He said that his Great, Great, Great Uncle Droopy Tail was one of the 'Brown Butt' tribe and he was the leader of the hunting pack that went out each day and caught food for the tribe!

Then he demonstrated how to crawl along the rocky hills in search of game!

Big Chief Brambles!
Back home Holly got her medicine squirted down her throat again, that Old Two Legs id getting too good at that!

After breakfast we headed off to the dump with a load of stuff which took ages to unload 'cos OTL had to put different bits in different bins!

By the time he had finished it was time for our midday walk and as we were so close, we went to the New Park again!

We hadn't been there for ages, so it was fun sorting out the new sniffs!

So much space, So many Sniffs!
Holly and I did a poo as soon as possible so we could concentrate on the sniff count but a really Dopey Bozo of a Labrador came up to and just sat in front of OTL looking at the Poo Bags thinking OTL had something for him to eat!

Just how dopey can you get!

Is That Food?
We had fun jumping onto the seats and woofing at the cattle in the fields, they didn't take any notice of us but I suppose they must get bored with all the woofers that use the park each day!

OTL was taking photos of us on the seat and Holly did a pose and said ' Don't Say A Word!'

Then we all fell about laughing 'cos we all know the answer!

Don't even think it!
I remembered where the swimming hole was and ran ahead to get in first. When I got there it was empty of woofers, so in I went and I even got Holly to have a paddle! OTL came along and he threw the ball in and I swam to get it back!

OK, Next time You swim out for it!
 The trouble with tennis balls is they are just too big for my mouth and in the end it drifted off to the centre of the swimming hole and OTL called me back and told me to 'Leave it Alone'

Shame but there's always next time!

Off we went along the path to the car and OTL had to put our leads on 'cos we were in a 'Controlled Zone', soppy idea but we still had to have our lead on.

It was as OTL clipped the lead onto my collar that I spotted it!

I stopped!

Holly tried to walk ahead and OTL tried to drag me along.

I wasn't having any of it!

There was a big nasty dangerous looking thing up near the Poo Bin!

'Come on' says OTL 'There's nothing there'

Oh Yes There Is, I could see it!

I don't care, I don't like it, I don't trust it and I'm not moving!
 It took a bit of pulling and pushing and walking on the other side of the path but in the end we got past it!

Monster's R Us!
Back home for a rub down with the Doggy Towel and a snooze until dinner time!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!


  1. What a fun day. Mr Brambles is a funny little chap, I bet Miss Snowflake loves him to bits. Probably a good thing the rabbits had gone back to bed or you might have got a telling off for chasing them. Lovely pictures again today. It was good of you to help OTL get rid of the rubbish. What a lovely time you had at the park, well until you saw the gruffalo, you know OTL will protect you from anything scary. Glad Holly is taking her medicine, those grumblies will soon be gone. Hope you get a lovely dinner tonight. Have a good evening, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Now Holly with wet feet, is that a first and where has your red bone gone, it used to be such fun? Lovely pictures, the new park looks so inviting and the weather looked nice. Glad you made it past the Gruffalo, never can tell if it is a doggie loving one or not so it was best to be on the safe side. xxxx