Thursday, 12 February 2015

More Doggy Lessons for Butch!

Hey! Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr 'Butch' Brambles back again!

Y'all know Brambles is trying to be a Dog, well, it's not working very well!

Seems like he really only starts being Dog when he has his nose in the food bowl!

Take this morning, now,  y'all know that dogs like to be stroked by Two Legs and tickled up behind the ears. Well, up comes this TL and says 'Hello Mr Brambles' and then proceeds to stick her leather gloved finger in his face to give him a stroke on his forehead.

Normal thing to do for a 'Doggy Contact', but Butch didn't see it like that!

He took one look at this Big Black Monster Worm heading his way, so he bit it!

Maybe a lesson learnt for the TL but a 'Black Mark' for Butch!

It didn't help when he started a-hootin' and a-hollerin and saying that 'Next Time it's all Yer Finger!'

Next Time!
While we were on the beach Bryn, Max and Oscar came past, Max and Oscar had their coats on 'cos they had just had their hair cut.

Butch took one look at them and said that there was no way was he going to wear one of those, absolutely no way!

It's all the Rage darling!
Butch looked rather concerned that he may have to wear a coat and he kept quiet and kept looking at Old Two Legs out of the corner of his eye, just in case OTL should produce a coat from out of his pocket!

Half way up the grass path Butch suddenly stopped and sniffed, 'Mouses!' he said and then stuck his nose into the long grass.

Pssst! Mouses!
Snowflake stopped and gave the air a sniff, Mouses or Rats?

Could be Rats.
The pair of them started hunting around in the grass looking for these rodents. We of course were just a little bored, I mean, we just don't do Mouses, that is for Pussy Cats and Owls!

I think he should stay a Ferret if he is going to behave like this!
Back home we tucked into some nice warm chicken and then headed for the cushion in OTL's office.

Both ferrets were having a game of 'Chase' all over the house while OTL did the 'Poo Shoveling' !

When he had finished he went looking for them and guess where they were?

Y'know, it ain't too bad!

OTL chased them both back up stairs and into their cage and they both had a slurp of Ferretone before getting into bed for their snooze!

Come lunch time we called out to Butch that it was time for our walk and he should get up and get his harness on!

'Butch' told us to 'Woof Off' 'cos he was warm and comfortable and cuddled up to Snowflake and he didn't want to go walking along the beach in this cold weather!

When we told him it was very 'Un Dog Like' to refuse a walk he mumbles that being a dog had its draw backs!

Down on the beach we met up with a Brent Goose who was having a little paddle.

Afternoon girls!
 Holly said that if we did a quick sprint we may be able to find out what goose tasted like but I was too interested in a sniff to bother!

Don't even think about it!
Next we spotted Mr Corvid on a post and before Holly could say anything, he turned around and looked at Holly and said...........

Well, that put paid to any feathered nibbles!

I found some rabbit fur that had been dropped by one of the foxes and for some reason both Holly and OTL were laughing at me!

Holly said that I looked like an old Southern Gentlemen with my beard!

Wot Beard?

Now, have you noticed that I have shoved a few 'Southern American' words in this blog? Well, young Sandy is moving to Florida soon and that's in the Deep South and she has got to start learning to speak like the locals.

So, I've been studying the Wikipedia pages on Southern American Language!

So, Bye Bye for now and Y'all come back real soon!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr 'Butch' Brambles!


  1. I've been studying your pictures, and very nice they all are too, I notice Miss Snowflake has her nose in your woofer bowls, I wonder if she is converting as well as Butch. I can't say that I blame Butch for having a nip at the big black worm heading towards his little face, I think I might have been tempted as well. I think that maybe Butch is a bit too macho for a coat, even in this cold weather. Glad to hear you got some delicious chicken for scoff this morning. Now, thinking about this lunch time walk, do I blame Butch for declining and staying in a warm bed having a snooze, hmmmmmmm I think not. Don't be too hard on Butch, he is only a learner woofer, he'll get the hang of it soon. Daisy, you astound me with your talents, there you are typing away, reading Wikipedia and wearing a false beard. Now I always thought it was Holly that was the reader, seems you're getting in on the act as well, you are such clever girls, no wonder all the woofers follow your blog. Have a lovely evening, hope you get some muggings, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. So Mr Brambles has found out that being a dog is not all it is woofed up to be, it has its drawbacks. Being a ferret doesn't mean having to wear a big coat and for ever going on walks even when you don't want to, also you don't have to suffer that awful doggie food that TM produces and calls dinner!!! Now Snowflake is trying her paw at being a Butchess, it won't last, it is all too complicated but she will learn.
    That TL must have had a shock, didn't she know that you should always ask before putting your hand near a doggie because some don't like it and putting your hand near a doggie in training, well she was asking to get bitten!! I don't like the look of Max and Oscar in their coats, I think it is the leg bits but it obviously keeps them warm, definitely don't see the little furries in them. You do have adventures on your outings and see so much, I love hearing all about them, love the beard, don't tell me you are practising being a man doggie! I did wonder on the new accent, you sounded like the "Clampetts", ask TM she may remember them in "The Beverley Hillbillies" but they weren't from Florida. When we visit Florida people don't talk like that, when we next go there I will have an extra listen and report back. Take care, I think OTL could set up one of those hidden camera thingys then you can keep a watch on your food bowls. xxxx

  3. Hi Yar all, that Daisy looks like she has been in the cotton fields we saw in the U S of A a few years back. Actually they don't speak that bad out there as we can understand them but they always think we are from Australia. Fair dinkum sport!