Thursday, 5 February 2015

OTL Nearly Looses His Lens Hood!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Well, what a day!

We were up early this morning, not that we wanted to be woken up early, but, The Missus was making so much noise with the jet engined vacuum cleaner it's a wonder how the whole village wasn't up in arms about it!

Down on the beach the ferrets were not too happy about the cold wind blowing and were soon trying to dig holes in the grass to get away from the North Wind!

Mind you, it did blow away the clouds, well, most of them and it also cleared up the air condition so we could see the windmills planted in the sea off Herne Bay!

Loads of Windmills!
On our way down to The Beach, something terrible happened, Old Two Legs was walking along with his camera tucked under his arm while he was struggling to put his gloves on, he managed to drop his Lens Hood!

He didn't know he had dropped it!

Holly and I spotted it on the grass as OTL was marching off ahead of us.

Holly woofed but OTL didn't take any notice and off he went striding along the path. That was until he went to take a picture and he spotted that there was something missing!

Back he went and about five minutes later he appeared with the Lens Hood firmly screwed onto the lens!

Well, are you going to tell him?
We met up with the Curlew in his normal hunting spot, looking for breakfast, as normal!

I think I would like to try Doggy Scoff!
The ferrets were heading for home as quickly as they could, they didn't like the North Wind, just like us!

When we got back who should turn up but Auntie Chris who was visiting to play at some Glue & Glitter slapping with TM!

There was so much stuff flying about that Holly and I headed up stairs to OTL's office and climbed onto our cushions.

Glue & Glitter Slapping is Us!
OTL has been busy today and we had to give him a serious woofing to get him to go for our lunchtime walk. It was great that Auntie Chris came with us as well.

TM stayed at home and said that she was 'Too Busy' to go walkies!

'Too Much Glue Slapping' we called it!

It's Friday tomorrow! The weekend starts then! OTL says that we may go down to the Riverside Park 'cos he has some deliveries to do!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Daisy, go round to the neighbours with a petition ............ stop TM making an noise before a decent time! She really doesn't need to use her broomstick that early in the day. Well I hope OTL listens next time Holly woofs to tell him he's dropped something. He might never have found his lens hood and then his poor lens would have got cold. So, seeing as OTL has a hood to keep his lens warm, why hasn't he got hoods for poor Snowflake and Mr Brambles? I don't blame you's for not liking this cold weather at the moment, that cold wind gets in everywhere. I bet it was nice having company round today, even if it was for glue and glitter slapping, that lady doesn't have much space to work. That curlew looks like his little legs are getting very cold. Enjoy your snoozes this evening and I hope there's some good mugging, stay warm. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxx

  2. Good luck with Riverside, we went there today and it was cold,cold,cold, maybe it will be better on Friday. TM is so over keen with her turbo charger, pity she isn't so enthusiastic with the doggie dinners but she really knows how to slap the glue. Her and Auntie Chris are getting so immersed with the glue and glitter, how lovely of Auntie coming out for a walk with you. Not only are you good watch dogs but you are very good at lost property if only OTL took notice of you, perhaps now when you woof he will realise that you don't just woof for woofing sake and take a bit of notice. Lovely pictures OTL must suffer for his art not being able to wear nice thick gloves when he is out with you four. Have a nice Friday, hopefully you won't get woken up too early by the cleaning lady. xxxx