Friday, 24 April 2015

A Sunny Day and Mr Brambles visits the Vet tonight!

Hello Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Wot a wonderful day it has been!

Mr Brambles was still complaining about his upset tum, so Old Two Legs left him at home when we went out for our morning walk.

First thing we spotted was a Two Legs with a big plastic bottle on his back and a spray nozzle thing that he squirted weed killer onto the plants around the car park.

OTL says 'Is that harmful to animals?' and the TL says 'Yes'!

That was it, we were on our leads and no sniffing near the car park!

Another thing we spotted was a lost teddy!

There it was, sitting on top of the block waiting for her owner to come back!

I'm not a Happy Teddy!
Let's hope they are reunited soon!

Miss Snowflake was getting a bit bossy, not having Brambles to pick on, she started on OTL!

I Wanna Be Carried NOW!
OTL had seen this before and he told her to 'Walk'!

She wasn't too happy about that but pretty soon she was scampering up the Rock Wall calling out 'Race Yah!'

Come on Slow Paws!
 I ran up the wall and walked past, but I hadn't got fully past when she said that I sniffed 'Odd' but I told her to be quiet 'cos I had rolled in a good sniff down the beach a bit, without OTL seeing!

That's a Funny Sniff' you have there Sis!
We headed for home and OTL put us on our leads early 'cos he didn't want us sniffing the weed killer!

As soon as we got home, OTL was off again! He is certainly getting the miles in this week. This time it was to test a radio site on top of Wrotham Hill, all boring stuff really!

Lucky for us, he was back earlier than expected, so he took us out for our midday walk.

The sun was really warm and we spotted loads of insects and stuff, like this beetle who came rushing past us saying that he hadn't got time to stop 'cos he was too busy today!

Can't stop, Busy, Busy, Busy!
 We left him to get on with whatever he was doing and we headed off along the wall.

OK, No1, Right Paw down a bit!
Then, there in front of us, sitting on the wall, having a breather, was another beetle! Only this one wasn't going too fast but instead was sitting there puffing and blowing and saying that it was all just too hot in his winter coat!

It's just Too Hot in this coat!
We left him to it 'cos we had not long ago had our hair cut, so we're alright!

OTL was playing with the camera flash again and Holly said she was too hot to be bothered about having her picture taken, normally she turns her head away!

Yeah! This is my best side, other than my other side which is marginally better!
Mr Brambles has spent all day sleeping, getting up only for a drink, a mouthful of food and a smelly poo!

OTL, being an expert on ferret poo, decided that a visit to the vet was in order and so, off they went, carrying OTL's wallet, to see our favourite vet Mathew. ( Snowflake has sunk her teeth into his finger!)

By the time they had got there, Mr B had brightened up a bit, done a 'Normal' poo instead of the dark green ones he has been doing today!

So, after getting inspected and prodded and poked and stethoscoped, it was decided to hold off the antibiotics until Monday to see how he gets on.

As OTL says, 'Antibiotics are OK but too much is not good for you'!

So, now we are all back home, the ferrets are back snoozing and we are about to go down to do some mugging!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Sorry to hear Mr Brambles was a bit poorly this morning, hopefully after his full day of resting he'll be back to normal asap. Them people with the sprays shouldn't spray near sniffing sites. Miss Snowflake is definitely getting a bit too big for her boots, when Mr B feels better he might put her in her place but then again at least she didn't tell on you having a roll in a sniff. That poor teddy did look very sad, hope he finds his way home soon. Those beetles look fun, I'm a bit scared of beetles and spiders. Lovely pictures again today, Miss Holly looks quite warm. Have a fun evening of mugging and snoozing. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Happy muggings all weekend girls xxx

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  4. What lovely pictures, Holly looks so appealing with her beautiful pink tongue and although I don't really like beetles they have been captured expertly. Maybe the money will stay in OTL's wallet to breed for a bit longer if Mr B doesn't need the antibiotics, well done Mr B. I do hope that pink teddy found its little girl owner very soon, did you look for it next time? It looked so unhappy sitting there although someone had carefully propped it up. xxxx