Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Another Day in Woofer Land!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

Yes, Miss Snowflake is much improved and has been dancing and Dooking around today. In fact, Old Two Legs decided that she could come out for a walk with us this morning. Much to Brambles disgust,  'cos that means he has to behave himself!

Both ferrets spent a long time in and under the sea weed, OTL had to call them back 'cos at one time they were heading out to sea!

Just look at what I've found!
 They were scrambling around having loads of fun.

It's Good to see her having fun!
 OTL had to pick up both ferrets when we met up with a couple of woofers who were off their leads!

Wanna sniff some Really Good Sniff?
They were soon off when we told them about the sniffs back down the path.

Back home, Snowflake got ready to go to the vet!

When she and OTL got there she was looked at and stroked and then OTL picked her up and gave her a cuddle as the vet advance with the Anti Biotic stuff in a syringe!

They managed to get it in her mouth and squirted down her throat, but Snowflake did a big shake of her head and it went Splosh, over everyone!

She did say that some went down her throat, but not much!

OTL made another appointment for tomorrow, just to finish off the bottle!

Lunchtime we were out down the beach again and it was great, the sun was shining, the water was warm and I was in up to my tummy!

Looking for a stick!
OTL found a stick and we had a good game of 'Throw The Stick' and I had a great time swimming in the sea.

Got It!
 Holly was showing off 'cos she doesn't do swimming or anything involved with getting wet!

This is, SO BORING!
 In the end I had to get out and have a run along the Sea Wall where we came across young Dave who was out for his midday trot!

Yo Girlie's!
 OTL was investigating the Hawthorn bush again but all the butterfly action was in the air and he didn't get any more pictures but he did spot a Buff Tail Bumble Bee!

Buff Tail getting stocked up on nectar!
So now we are looking forward to our Ox Heart dinner, then afterwards, we plan to give OTL a good mugging 'cos he has got sausages tonight and we like sausages!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Hi to Girlies and Mr B, so lovely to see Snowflake up and about and having fun on the beach, but it did look as if Mr B was enjoying himself without Snowflake cramping his style. I hope she realises how worried we have all been think we can uncross our claws a bit now and sigh a sigh of relief. Also pleased to hear that OTL hasn't come down with the dreaded flu bug ... I don't think he has had time to be ill, bless him. Right it's really sunny and warm up here in North Wales, so we're off out into the garden xxxx Jasper & his Missus Annie

  2. Glad to hear the famous 4 all went down to the beach this morning. I bet Miss Snowflake enjoyed getting out and exploring the sniffs. I think Mr Brambles was probably glad she was back with him bossing him on the beach. Looks like you had a lovely swim although that water does look a tad grubby. Poor Holly, she'll really have to give it a try one day. Glad the vet managed to get some of Snowflakes medicine into her and hopefully will get the rest in tomorrow so that OTL can breath a sigh of relief. I went to the vets today for my booster and I cried and cried and cried after she stuck the needle in me ............. I made her feel proper guilty and she had to give me lots of cuddles ......... I don't go home until I get my cuddles! Hope your TM is feeling much better, my TM is still dozing a fair bit but at least we got out for a walk today. Hope OTL shared his sausages with you this evening. Have a lovely evening all. Love, licks and wags from little (brave soldier) Arch xxxx

  3. Have been enjoying your adventures while TM has been lazing about in bed pretending to be ill so that OTL waits on her hand & foot! Glad Snowflake is feeling better xxx

  4. Have been enjoying your adventures while TM has been lazing about in bed pretending to be ill so that OTL waits on her hand & foot! Glad Snowflake is feeling better xxx

  5. Glad you had your usual foursome on the beach, Snowflake looks really stuck into the seaweed, shows she is feeling better and after tomorrows visit to the vet the medicine will all be gone. Lovely games today with swimming and stick chasing and the Hawthorn bush looks real pretty. Hope you managed to get a bit of sausage, I like them myself and plan on sausages later in the week, our Daisy is visiting and she loves them too. Come on TM get back to your usual self and then we can see all the beautiful things you make, on the food front you seem to be doing well, lets hope the chef keeps up the high standards. xxxx

  6. Good to see Snowflake up and about. Super jolly post Daisy. Lovely x