Saturday, 9 May 2015

A Brilliant Day With Mates!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

What a super day it's been!

We were up really early today so Old Two Legs could get The Missus up the village hall ready for her 'Master Class'.

We helped her put the tables out and then headed off to walk with the ferrets down on the beach.

Down on the mud was a lone Wormy Man digging for all his worth!

Come out Wormy Wormy!
Both ferrets had a run around and Snowflake was playing Hide n Seek in the Sea Weed!

Can't see me!
We got back home and while we were having our breakfast, OTL did the Poo Pots and the ferrets had a 'Rampage' around the house before going back to bed for a snooze!

Pretty soon we were off back to the hall to meet up with Archie Babe and Maizey.

Archie was there waiting for us and we all said hello with a sniff and then he had a cuddle with OTL and a lick on his nose!

Pretty soon Maizey arrived and we all had chat while OTL was loading up the car!

Then we were off, back down to the beach where we started off by sharing our 'Start Sniff'!

OK Woofers, this is the first one!
 Maizey was interested in a small sniff by the rubbish bin and I must say, I missed it this morning when I cam past!

Mmm! A delicate little sniff!
 Down the path a bit we showed them the 'Long Sniff'!

This is a sniff that I reckon four woofers could sniff at the same time without rubbing shoulders!

We call this  The Long Sniff!
Down on the beach we introduced Maizey and Archie to the Rope Thingy that is still hanging around on our beach, Archie did a wee over it, just to show his disgust at the Ropey Things refusal to clear off!

Clear Off!
Off the beach there were loads more sniffs and Maizey said that we were so lucky to live near a place that had so many wonderful sniffs!

These are really wonderful sniffs!
 Half way up the path Maizey found our 'Stand By Sniff' which we save for our special visitors!

Yeah, this is the 'Special'!
 Back home we all had some food and then had a snooze. I headed up to my favourite spot on the bed while Holly crashed out on the sofa.

Maizey was feeling a little lost, so OTL picked her up and she cuddled up to his legs while Archie Babe sprawled out over OTL's lap and fell asleep!

We woke up after an hour or so and after a nibble and a drink we woofed at OTL 'Walkies'!

Down on the beach again Maizey and Archie spent some time investigating the shore line and the sea weed sniffs

Hey Maizey, what about this one?
Archie was having a great time with the sea weed sniffs! He says that he doesn't get any sea weed where he lives and none of the water was salty like wot we got!

These are terrific sniffs girls!
While Archie was into the sea weed, I started to dig a hole, just for fun! Maizey asked if she could have a go?

My Hole!
Then she wiggled he tail, stepped into the hole and had a wee!

A Girls gotta do what a Girls Gotta Do!
 Archie came back up the beach and had a little sniff around the hole!

Have I got sand on my chops?
 Archie was investigating everything along the beach and was fascinated with the breakwaters!

Hey! Look at that!
 Then he found a 'Beach Sniff' and couldn't resist a little roll!

Oh Yes! I'm going to take this one home with me!
 We got back home and OTL let us all out into the garden. Now, Archie Babe is an expert regarding frogs and we asked him if he would inspect our pond and see if there were any frogs around!

First he had a look where OTL had put the Frog Spawn!
 'Mmm', he said, I can't see any signs here but they may have moved away! Then he went around the corner and inspected the shallow end.

Nothing here girls!
Finally, he had a good look under where the clothes line is and, nothing, not even a tadpole!

Plenty of snails and beetles and little wriggly things but not a frog to be seen!

Sorry Girls, your Frogless!
It wasn't long before OTL had to take Maizey and Archie back up the hall, so we all said good bye and promised to meet up again soon!

Now we are off for a snooze, it's been an exciting day and we are just too tired to mug OTL!

Bye for now,


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a brilliant day, I just loved your sniffs down there on the beach. My mum loved the sniff I brought home and she says I can keep it as a souvenir of my lovey day. It was lovely to meet Miss Maizey and also was really good to met up with you and Holly and thank you so much for sharing your sniffs and OTL's comfy lap where I had a lovely snooze. You have such lovely places to go for a walk. Don't worry too much about being frogless, it takes a little while for the tadpoles to grow big enough to turn into frogs so they don't really show up much in the pond, they hide from anything that might want to see if they taste like chicken. When they are big enough for you to see them, I'll come back and show you just how you get them to jump around by putting a cold nose near their butts and how to stroke them gently so that when they don't feel like jumping, you can persuade them. I slept all the way home and I'm going back for an early night, I'm quite worn out by all that fresh air and brilliant sniffs. I hope Mr Brambles and Snowflake enjoy their bones. I know you'll be very busy tomorrow putting out your best toys to take away and sorting out the snackettes that you want to take with you. Again, thank you for sharing your day and your OTL for a snooze. Love, licks and wags from (sleepy) little Arch xxxx

  2. What a wonderful day and dry too, I bet you were proud to show your friends around the beach and even the rope thingy came to say hello although I don't think it planned to be weed on, oh dear. Not sure if weeing in your super dug hole was a complement to you or not, you will have to be the judge of that. Good of Archie to survey your pond for frog life, it looks like you will need more patience with waiting. Lovely pictures, OTL did well and he also did well with the doggie crèche. Sleep well tonight, I am looking forward to seeing what the ladies produced at the Master Class, TM must be as tired as you all so I must be patient also. xxxx Sleep well xxxx