Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Getting Better all the time!

Yacky Dar Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

Well, today there were no jobs for Old Two Legs to fix, the cutlery draw is broken beyond repair, so OTL will have to do something with it when we get home. Well, that's what he said anyway!

Both Holly and I have the Grumbly Tum, not sure what has caused it but we are feeling a little 'Tender' around the 'Third Eye'!

OTL had to get up at Two Thirty this morning to let us both out 'cos we were getting desperate!

By the time he had found his trousers and boots we had disappeared into the bushes and didn't come out for about ten minutes!

If anyone had looked out of their caravan window they would have seen a strange looking Two Legs wandering around with a small torch whispering 'Daisy, Holly, Where the Woof are you two?' 

Good Fun!

We both cuddled up to OTL and felt a little better but he says we are on 'Sensible Food' until our tummies settle down!

Mind you, OTL is not too well himself. That nasty TM has given him her cold and when he went looking for the 'Day & Night' Tablets, they were all empty!

So, after getting us all sorted this morning, we headed off into town to find a pharmacy. 

After getting the pills and two boxes of tissues and 'Something for a sore throat' we headed back to the beach!

It was brilliant!

Holly had a splash in the stream, well, she stopped just when the water started to splash her 'Bits', she doesn't do 'Wet Bits'!

I think this is far enough!
Then off we went, charging  along the beach, woofing at the waves and all the other woofers on the beach!

It's running down my legs!
 We climbed all over the rocks and dug a few holes!

Holly doing 'Free Climbing'!
You know we even forgot we had Grumbly Tums!

We both had super rolls on the sand and you know what? OTL lets us!

This is how you do a roll on the sand and a rock!
 Holly headed into the middle of the beach and had a BIG ROLL!

This is better than a Rawhide Chew!
Then I tried a bit of 'Body Surfing', that is where you ride the wave using just your tummy!

A Super Surfing Beach Babe!
I said that Holly would be great at that, on account of the size of her tummy, but that would mean getting her bits wet, so that was out!

Thus Far and No Further!
Mind you, she did try to mug the bit of wood I had found floating in the surf!

Come on! Gissa Lick!
Back at the caravan we crashed out and had a super long snooze in the sunshine while OTL was using up the tissues to wipe his nose!

It's a good job he got two boxes of Ultra Soft & Silky, 'cos his nose is a bit sore from continued blowing and wiping!

TM was in the awning splodging about with a bucket of glue and a sack of glitter and two dozen sea shells and a string of dried sea weed, we think she is trying some sort of sculpture!

How she will get that on a card we have no idea!

We were thinking about another run on the beach but to be honest, we are just too tired!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Evening girls, so sorry to hear about your grumbly tums and poor OTL's nose and throat and I hope you all get better soon. Glad OTL didn't have any jobs to do today, who needs a cutlery draw anyway, you only put stuff in to take it out again. Poor OTL having to look for you in the dark and whisper ......... did you hear him? I hope TM is over her cold and that the ferrets don't have any grumblies. That beach looks really exciting and look at that Holly getting brave in the water. Them rolly sniffs must be good and wasn't it nice of OTL to let you have a good old roll in them. Sounds about right for your TM, playing with her glue and glitter, you must get a photo of her sculpture when she finishes it. Tell OTL to keep taking the tablets. Hope you all have a better night tonight and feel much better tomorrow. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Lovely to have another catchup about your holiday it does look lovely there. Sorry you have both had grumbly tums, poor OTL having to scrabble about looking for his trousers in the dark and then be stood in a strange place waiting for you both to finish and come back to the caravan. It has been lovely weather today in Wales but in the middle of the night the wind is going to blow in from the Irish Sea so hold onto your hats and try to hold on till daybreak so poor OTL doesn't have to stand in the dark with a hoolie of wind blowing him off his feet. Well girlies hope you both feel better in the morning and OTL too fancy having a cold on your holibobs, pleased to hear that TM is doing what she does best...crafting with a Sack full of glitter and glue... I hope there was still room for some doggy treats for you two. Well girlies and Miss S & Mr B I am off now because I have just heard the biscuit tin being opened .... till tomorrow licks and woofs jasper & her indoors xxxx Jasper & annie

  3. Just look at that beach, marvellous for rolling and digging not to mention sniffing. Talking about sniffing, that poor OTL took the cold to Wales, the Welsh wont want it, they are strange like that, they don't want foreign sniffs coming over. Just keep the colds and sniffs down South while we are up North because we don't want them either. Sorry about the cutlery drawer and the grumblies, not a good start but plenty of time to get some good holiday in. Glad TM has started being creative, has she gone to the awning to escape the germs or is she making too much mess to be allowed in the caravan? Do tell!!
    Holly looks like she is enjoying the water, even if only a little bit, hope your tums soon get better and all of you and a super, duper time. xxxx XX