Sunday, 24 May 2015

Seriously Lazy!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Well, this has been a day of Nothing!

First thing this morning we rolled over and went back to sleep!

When we finally did get up we decided that wot we needed was some 'Education' about Cirencester!

So, after clearing up and getting all the chores out of the way we headed off in the car into Cirencester town centre.

The ferrets were not too happy about being left in the caravan but we promised them a 'Rampage' when we got back!

It's not fair you leaving us again!
Off we went into the town.

Well, it really isn't very big and there wasn't much to see about it being the second biggest roman town after London. We didn't go into any of the buildings like, The Museum, or The Church 'cos they had up those signs, 'No Dogs Allowed, Except Guide Dogs'!

Not Fair!

Holly and I can be Guide Dogs, just 'cos we haven't been to Guide Dog School!

So, that was it, we decided not to stay in town but to have a drive around the country side and when it's twelve, we would stop at the first pub for lunch!

The first pub was full of tables with a 'Reserved' sign on each of them, which is another form of 'No Dogs Allowed' and if we wanted to have food and a drink, we had to sit outside on some benches, even if it rained!

Stuff that for a bowl of doggy scoff!

Off we went again!

About an hour later we found another pub that had room in the car park, spare tables but a sign saying 'Guide Dogs Only!'

Still, Old Two Legs took us for a walk in the forest before he headed into the pub for lunch. In fact, he had sent The Missus in first, armed with a few twenty pound notes and instructions to order up a Steak & Kidney Pie and half of the Local Brew!

We got left to guard the car, nibble on Doggy Biscuits and drink water!

When they finally came out again, TM sat in the car reading 'Stamper Magazine' while OTL took us around the forest again!

Then it was back to the caravan and a walk around the Doggy Field and a snooze before dinner, (Doggy Scoff)!

Has he lost his caravan?
The ferrets got an extra run around the Doggy Field, hunting rabbits but they didn't see any!

So, tonight it is the F1 Highlights which OTL gets on his computer and then displays on the TV. We still haven't found any satellite signals, so the dish just keeps going around and around until it gives up and falls flat!

We see other caravans and motor homes with satellite dishes doing the same thing, Holly says that they all look like Clockwork toys running down!

So that's it, a really lazy day and we reckon to learn more about Cirencester when it comes up on 'Time Team'!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Well, a lazy sunday is good, specially a lie in but oh dear, you should be able to go out and explore around and about. Now don't worry about not going to guide dog school, if I go somewhere where they say guide dogs only, my mum still takes me in and when they say it's guide dogs only, she says, well what have they given me then and she pats me. We don't get away with it but it's fun trying. As for this pubs that don't allow woofers to go and eat with their TL's in the gardens, that's bang out of order, that's discrimination and you need to report them. Daisy you will have to send emails to the breweries and tell them off. Seems like Mr B and Miss S didn't miss much then, when they got left behind, poor things. I hope you get some decent scoff for all this disappointment today. What a shame you can't find another site with nice things around, like a nice beach to roll in and rock climb or rabbits to chase. Anyway, don't be too down hearted, maybe all the crowds will buzz off home tomorrow then all those places will be glad to let woofers in. Enjoy your snoozes and hopefully plenty of muggings. Love, licks and wags from little (I'd let you in) Arch xxxx

  2. Sorry you couldn't find a nice pub that would let you in, they just don't know how famous you are or they would have had the TV cameras rolling while you ate indoors. I hope the ferrets had their promised rampage around when you finally got home, no satellite signal and no good scoff. Why didn't they buy you a small piece of steak when they had their dinner, a big piece of steak even? xxxx