Sunday, 31 May 2015

We get a card from Trev!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

You know Old Two Legs spotted a tadpole in the pond and The Missus named him Trevor? Well, we have been looking for him every time we go past the pond.

No luck!

We were getting a bit worried that either OTL was seeing things or Trevor had come to a sticky end in the beak of an amphibian eating bird!

What we didn't think of was what else could have happened to him!

Until TM told us about the post card she got yesterday!

It was from Sweden and it was from Trevor!

He was on his holiday meeting up with some distant relatives!

Holly said she has a feeling that there could be more tadpoles hiding at the bottom of the pond, and what will we call them when we finally find them?

Trev, Trevar, Trevino, Trevette, Trevor, Trevet? The list goes on forever!

I think we will just have to wait and see!

This morning it was raining when we set out for our walk but when we got to the car park the rain had stopped!

That was it, Holly and I were off chasing a rabbit while Snowflake and Brambles decided to finish their snooze in the ferret bag. 

OTL did get them out a couple of times, just to see if they wanted a wee but they were quite happy staying where it was warmest!

I'll stay here thanks!
 Down on the beach Brambles spotted young Bryn walking along the Sea Wall and gave Snowflake a warning 'cos we are not 100% sure he doesn't fancy a nibble of ferret for breakfast!

Hey Gang! I think That's Bryn on the Wall!
 Snowflake wasn't too interested in meeting Bryn so she headed for the Ferret Bag. What she does is to climb up onto OTL's boot and then scramble up the bag and into the big pocket!

It is always the same, as soon as she gets to OTL's foot wear she says..............

 Oh yes, what a wag!

Back home we had some Doggy Scoff in our bowl, which we left for later and headed off to the office for a snooze on our cushions while OTL gets on with his 'Manufacturing'

Lunchtime we were down the beach again and it was full of Two Legs, there was even one couple who offered Holly and me a nibble, it was horrid!

OTL says it looks like a cracker but it sniffed awful!

So that was it, No Strokes!

What the woof is that?
 Next we tried the fishermen, No Fish, No Sarnies, that's  it, No Strokes there either! Wot was worse, they were throwing the worm and a big weight into the sea, it was a good job I kept my eyes open!

Oi! Careful when you waggle that thing about!
 Back home OTL managed to finish some of the work and we will get the next delivery tomorrow, so it's back to work again tomorrow!

Tonight it is the paperwork to be finished!

Let's hope that he gets it all done before the next job!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. I think someone is playing a trick on your TM and you, Trev can't be in Sweden, he hasn't got a passport. Holly is right, he's at the bottom of your pond, he might be swapping his tail for some legs. You'll need a lot more names on your list than you've got. You'd be surprised how many little blighters there will be soon. You might have to go all the way thru the alphabet. Didn't it rain this morning. You'll have to rename Brambles to hawk eye soon, he is very clever spotting Bryn a long way off. Don't blame Miss Snowflake for getting back in that warm bag. Yuuuukkkkk doggie scoff for brekkie .......... ewww. I suppose it was nice of that lady to offer you a bit of her snack but honestly, some people need to choose better snacks. If I get something that sniffs horrible I roll on it. No decent sniffs here today, I think the rain washed them all away. Glad you had a lot of snoozes. Poor OTL having to do work. Did your TM go to a workshop today? We've had a very lazy day here today, lots of snoozes and snuggles. Have a good evening and hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow. Love, licks and wags from Little (snoozey) Arch xxxx

  2. We having just come home from Wales and having our Daisy tomorrow while the teachers have some sort of training day that are now called INSET days, not sure what they inset but she is here anyway. I thought I had better start at the end and work backwards, afterall I know you are back from your holidays and I know how much TM adored all the little two legs at the last site so I shall read and then comment without saying how much I hope you enjoy tomorrow and such like as it is already gone.
    Well now, a post card from Sweden, you tell her you didn't come up the Medway on a piece of toast, you might believe alot of things she tells you but there is a limit and it has been surpassed!!
    Mr B is back to thinking he is a guard dog spotting Bryn at 50 paces, good for him, the weather forecast says Wednesday on is going to be good so make such OTL gets a move on and gets things done before then so you don't miss out on all the fun. If it is nice tomorrow we are having a picnic in Leeds Castle with our Daisy, shall I post you a bit of sandwich, it will be cheese as that is all we have left? xxxx