Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Saturday with Maizey!

Yo Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

The Missus was up early this morning and what with all the noise she makes and Old Two Legs sneezing his head off, we were up and running by seven! Even the ferrets were up and ready on time!

Come on, we'll be late!
 Down on The Beach, Brambles said he would get a hole started for Maizey 'cos she wasn't great at hole digging!

I'll get a hole started!
 Time was getting on and we had loads to do before Maizey arrived, so it was a quick march up the Grass Path and heading back to the car!

 We got back home and OTL sorted the ferrets and made the place tidy and got a couple of  blankets to make up a bed should Maizey want a snooze!

We met Maizey up at the Village Hall and headed off to The Beach again 'cos Maizey said she wanted a Walk, a Wee and a Poo!

We met up with Oliver and he said Hello to Maizey and they both had a traditional Doggy Sniff!

Hello Oliver!
 There was a couple who remembered Maizey from the last time she was down and they had a chat about some of the local sniffs!

Yeah, I remember you from last time!
We headed off to the beach where Maizey had a little run around and even found Brambles Hole!

Maizey said that she didn't like all the steps everywhere but agreed that running up and down would keep you fit!

Loads of steps to climb!
One thing she did like was the sand and the sea weed on the beach.

There were loads of sniffs and of course, plenty of space for a wee!

This is a very good place to wee!
 She said it was better when we got onto the Grass Path and we asked if she could sniff the ferrets that came up here this morning!

Your right! I can sniff ferret!
 We had a super day and I even shared my Chicken Dinner with Maizey, who also had some of our biscuits as well!

Before long it was time to get back to the hall to meet up with 'Maizey's Mum'!

We said Goodbye to Maizey and Hello to TM who was clearing up after her Master Class!

Back home to see what OTL has for dinner and is it worth mugging him!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. What a busy day with another early start. How kind is Mr Brambles to dig a hole for Maisie. I bet Maisie was pleased to see you all again. I wish I could have come but I had my 3 weekly visit to the nurse to get my butt checked. Lovely photos today, I like the look of Oliver. You're very kind to share your chicken dinner with your friends, I really must find another day of the week to have my bum checked, I missed out on the share out. I know everyone at your TM's masterclass will have had a brilliant day. Me and my mum are coming in July, but I know she's forgotten the date ....... memory like a sieve, I keep telling her she's forgotten my dinner but she doesn't fall for that one. Hope OTL has got some nice dinner for you to mug, we're going to watch the Hobbit tonight and my mum has promised me a nice chew treat to munch on while we watch. Enjoy your evening all. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxx

  2. Well I am sure Maizey would be very proud to see that you had included a picture of her having a wee, maybe not, perhaps you asked her permission, ...... or perhaps not! Another chance for TM to throw that glue and glitter around, no stopping her and her mates with the tea drinking and cake eating. Looking forward to seeing the results although not the tea and cake part. Still it gave you a chance to meet up with Maizie again and share your dinner and beach. Pity she is not keen on the steps, just goes to show how athletic you and Holly are because you never mention how tiring the steps are. Have a nice Sunday, we have our Daisy here for the weekend, she has a poorly eye and is worrying that people will laugh at her bright red eye so she was crying which makes people notice her even more! Never work with children or animals, as OTL will tell you! xxxx