Saturday, 27 June 2015

We go Rocking along to The Fete!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

What a day! We got our instructions to be up early and back early so we can help The Missus set up her Tent at the Village Fete.

So, early we were.

Down in the car park Holly met up with a cyclist who wanted to give her a stroke but as he only had a drink there was no chance!

You never learn!
 Down on the beach we could see rocks! That Old Two Legs was lucky 'cos yesterday Snowflake said she would wee down his neck if she couldn't find a rock to hide behind when she did a wee!

He's a Lucky OTL!
 On the climb up the path Snowflake asked Holly 'Why didn't do a wee on the sea weed Sis?'

I keep telling you, I'm not your Sis!
 Brambles said she didn't have the claws to hang on and dangle her butt over the edge!

Then he calls out, 'Hey Holly Babe, can I be your Bro?'

Brambles ran up behind Snowflake and said 'She wants me for her Bro!'

I'm a Holly Bro!
 That was it, Snowflake jumped on top of him and gave him a really good tickle!

OK Bro, take this!
 Back home we got a bowl of Lambs Heart while OTL went to the fete to set up the tent for TM.

We stayed at home 'cos it was beginning to get a bit warm and doggies and ferrets don't do hot!

It wasn't long before OTL was back, sneezing his tail off!

Lunchtime we had our midday walk and Holly reckons she saw a squirrel, of course, I was dead interested 'cos squirrels are great fun to chase.

However, this squirrel wasn't moving, which was a bit strange!

That didn't stop us from heading towards it at an increasing pace!

You go left and I'll go right, OK?
We dashed up to it and found out that the 'Squirrel' was in fact a big black Poo Bag someone had thrown away rather than putting it in the Poo Bin.

Lazy TL!

It's enough to give a dog a bad name!

Back home Holly and I chilled out in the garden while OTL went to see what there was at the Village Fete.

Certainly there was a load of people there!

Standing in line up for a Burger!
There were some super Model T Ford motors there and of course OTL said he would love to own one!

Model T Ford
 The was some owls on show as well and the Snowy Owl said it was just too hot!
Give me some Snow!
A bit further on he came across a little woman sitting there making some arty stuff!

It's TM the 'Artist'!
 and of course there were the 'Characters' and these two didn't disappoint!

Alby & Doris!
 So, all in all it was a great time. TM got a lot of interest in her 'Masterpieces' and there were loads of people who where interested in the Allhallows Crop, so good publicity!

Tomorrow we got visitors, Tilly and Sassy and family are due for some lunch, so that means we stand a good chance of some serious mugging!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr 'Bro' Brambles.


  1. Wot a busy day, I'm well impressed. Way to go Holly, no muggings no strokes ...... I'm following your rules as well. I'm so glad that Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles found their wee rocks today, them 2 are getting right cheeky with Holly. Good to see Mr Brambles getting a good tickling, there's nothing like a good old tickle on the tum. Sounds like scoff at yours is getting good again. Shame about the squirrel, or not a squirrel, some TL's are quite disgusting with their rubbish, too lazy to bin it. That fete looked good. I wonder if that owl tasted like chicken, did anyone find out? Good to see your TM at work with her lovely pictures, she looks like she's having a really good time. I bet OTL enjoyed his wander round, he's taken some lovely pictures. I've had a quiet day apart from my walks, it's so hot I've been very snoozey. Good luck with the muggings tonight. I expect you will do very well with tomorrows visitors to mug. Have a lovely time. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Pity it was so hot for you and too sneezy for OTL at the Fete but you must admit that TM looked the works in her pinney sheltering under her tent. OTL missed getting weed on I suppose that was a plus for the day, also Lambs Heart was an A Plus for you two. Loved the idea of your squirrel turning out to be a poo bag, Mike crept up on an owl in a recess once and it turned out to be a crumpled brown paper bag! We enjoyed our visit to the fete today and the little girls loved the hot dogs, chips and ice cream and of course meeting you. Our Daisy's friend had never met a ferret before so meeting two was something else, her mum text and said it was such an adventure she had in 8 hours. Lovely pictures, so glad there was water today but pity that was all the cyclist had (someone should have told him). xxxx