Friday, 26 June 2015

Time for a Wee?

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

We have a problem!

You see we got to the beach and the tide was right in, covering all the sea weed and the rocks.

That is the problem!

The ferrets in this house require a rock to wee on and some sea weed to wee on as well and the last few days the ferrets have been rock and sea weedless!

Brambles said that if it happens again he will wee over Old Two Legs, just to show off in style!

There is nowhere to wee in private!
Snowflake threatened to wee on OTL's shirt the next time she climbed onto his shoulder!


Back home we had chicken for breakfast and OTL was busy manufacturing all morning and come lunchtime he said he was off to the carriers.

We beat him to the car and were sitting there when he arrived!

We knew that after the carriers we would be near The Forest! So, that was worth being good for!

OTL was looking for insects and birds and snakes stuff like that, Holly and I were looking for squirrels!

Is That a Squirrel?
 Holly was sitting on the bench with OTL and decided that the  'Squirrel' was really a Blackbird digging for grubs to feed the chicks!

Nah! It's a Blackbird!
 OTL was busy running up and down the bushes searching for insects but all he could find was a single Bluebottle type of fly!

What was worse, the fly kept on moving about, so now we have a 'Fuzzy Fly'!

No I won't sit still!
 It was hot in the forest but it was good to have a change for our lunchtime stroll and of course, there was always the chance of seeing a squirrel instead of those pesky rabbits!

So that was our day really, not very exciting but warm and sunny which is better than being cold and wet.

Mind you, OTL could end up being wet and soggy if the tide is in tomorrow and we know who will be doing the weeing!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. Fear not Snowflake and Mr Brambles, I will bring you a nice rock to wee on when I come down next, OTL can put it in a bag and carry it with him and you can tell him where you want him to put it. That chicken brekkie sounds good. I bet it was cooler in the forest today rather than on the beach, it's been sweltering here. My mum took me on a different route again today so I didn't get to mug Brenda at the sweet shop, I'm not happy about this. I've got lots of pesky squirrels, they keep coming in my garden and I have to chase them up the trees. My mum has been busy pruning today so of course I've had to help and do a bit myself, not to mention dragging the pruning's up the garden. I get no thanks for helping you know. Did your TM wake you all up early this morning, my mum said your TM had a very busy day. Well I'm off to sit and guard the front door because the pizza man is coming soon. Hope you've got some good muggings tonight, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. Hello from the sunny South Coast! Hope the ferrets can uncross their paws tomorrow! Happy muggings girls xxx

  3. So you seem to be suffering from too much water, I hope the furries find a rock and sea weed tomorrow as it doesn't sound too good for poor OTL. He will have to manufacture some artificial rock and sea weed or he will be in trouble. I have missed commenting on you, while we were away I could read your lovely stories but when I tried to comment I didn't get a keyboard up so had to just see what you had been up too. Silly I-pad. Glad you have had that nice sunshine, let's hope it stays summertime for a bit longer and the chicken and stuff continues. Maybe see you soon, planning to keep an eye on TM. xxxx