Thursday, 2 July 2015

It's the Vets Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here.

Gawd! Wot a muggy day it's been today!

No sun, just loads of cloud, a bit of rain and no wind!

Mind you, the worse thing was the visit to the vet!

But to start off we were down the beach and both ferrets were snoozing all the way from the car to the beach. Normally they would have got out for a wee and a sniff but not today!

I'm so sleepy today!
 Snowflake spent a lot of time ferreting around in the rock pools and under the sea weed.

At one time she called out..............

Anyone seen me head?
 Then squeezing through under the sea weed, she popped out the other end and asked....................

Where's me Tail Gone?
 What a witty little ferret she can be!

Old Two Legs was captivated by a pretty flower by the side of the path and stopped to a picture, then spent the rest of the trip home sneezing his tail off!

Back home we had time for a little rest before it was time to get to the vets. There was Holly and I going to get our booster injection for distemper and all that stuff.

It was also time for Brambles to get his shot as well 'cos it has been two years since he had his last one and he got that when he moved in with us. So, it is an anniversary, two years Mr Brambles has been with us!

Off we went and into the vets place. First we had to get on the weighing machine and get our file updated.

Next it was in the see the vet.

First it was Brambles who was up on the table getting poked and pulled about and the the vet stabbed him with a needle!

It was Horrible!

And there I was, on the floor watching it all!

I was getting very nervous and was looking to getting out, like now! Before I knew it, OTL had lifted me onto the table where I was subjected to all that pulling and poking and prodding!

I was really getting wound up and because I was unhappy, Holly was woofing her head off, telling me to 'calm down', which made it worse!

I was struggling and climbing up OTL trying to get through the ceiling!

Then, while I was cuddling up into OTL's arms and trying to get to the door, the vet stabbed me with the needle!

I was then put back on the floor and headed to the door, which stayed shut!

Holly got picked up and put on the table and just sat there! She got  all that pulling and poking and prodding but she just sat there!

When she got stabbed, she didn't even move!

She got a stroke from the vet but I said I would rip his arms off if he came anywhere near me!

That was it, we got put in the car while OTL went back to pay for us being stabbed and pulled and poked and prodded!

That'll teach him!

Lunchtime was fun 'cos I managed to sneak up on a Two Legs who was having his lunch, Fish & Chips, but there was too much salt and sauce on it for me! 

Well, if I like it you can have a stroke!
 The tide was in so was I! It was so cool in there and I was having a great time!

We met up with Darcy who has only just discovered water! Her stick was thrown out too far and once her paws were off the bottom she turned back.

I know just what she felt like 'cos I spent a long time like that until one day I started to swim.

So, just to help her, OTL threw the stick out and she went in to fetch it and if it was too far, I swam out to get it, just to show her how it's done!

Too far?
 Holly wouldn't come anywhere near us and instead sat on The Sea Wall telling everyone who passed that she was lost and hungry and scared and would they take her home and feed her?

I'm a poor lost puppy!
 The the TL's looked at me and said that she looked like me and was she telling porkies?

Poor Holly, she never got even a nibble!

OTL got all exited 'cos he spotted a Soldier Beetle and said that soon they would be loads for him to photograph!

First of many?
That was it, back home we went for a snooze before dinner, Doggy Scoff!

Well, maybe we will get some shortbread tonight, but not dipped in the beer or whisky, that stuff tastes terrible!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. I love all the pictures, I hope Snowflake found her head. Wot a pretty flower. Now Daisy, this vets business, if you sit nicely you usually get a cuddle and a treat. Mind, I don't like it when they stab with them sharp things, I usually cry and it makes them feel really guilty. I bet OTL's wallet is a lot lighter now. Happy anniversary Bro, but what a way to celebrate it. You're really brave getting a stick for Darcy, I mean, she's a lot bigger than you. I like Holly's style, telling TL's she's lost and hungry. I can't believe that after all that you got doggie scoff! Wot a let down! Did OTL give you a bit of shortbread dipped in something so you could try it? I always have a taste of my mums drink if she goes out of the room and forgets to take it with her. I must say the fizzy wine stuff makes me sneeze and gives me away. Happy muggings tonight, are you all celebrating Bro's anniversary? Looking forward to hearing your news tomorrow. Love, licks and wags (hic) little Arch xxxx

  2. Lovely story of Snowflake and the sea weed but not a lovely story of the Vet visit. You know it makes sense to have this prodding, poking and stabbing, you just have to remember that OTL has a big stab in his wallet having to pay for the pleasure! Holly Dog was wonderful, next time you will have to try to be like her and don't let it bother you. Happy anniversary to Mr Brambles, does this mean that Snowflake is due for her "Vet Visit" at Christmas? Darcy looks a lovely dog and looks up to you, I holpe that shortbread was still there for a nibble. xxxx