Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Oh Dear! It's St Swithins Day!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Now, did you know it is St Swithins Day today?

Well, you do now!

So the 'Lore' goes, if it rains on St Swithins Day then you will get rain for forty days and forty nights!

We are OK, it didn't rain at all down here but we are sure that there were some showers splashing about the UK today!

If you got rained on then I'd get out your brolly and don't put it down until the end of August!

We were lucky, no rain!

Old Two Legs over slept this morning, so that means we were all late in getting to the beach for our morning stroll.

Even the ferrets were asleep again by the time we got down there!

Are we there yet?
The tide was out so there was no swimming this morning but we did spot a Goats Beard in flower, the only one around, OTL reckons it could be the last one on our beach!

The last flower this year?
We were all a bit slow except Holly Dog who was calling out ' Come on Bro, get you Butt in Gear'

Yeah, I said Bro!
Brambles was dead chuffed she called him Bro, but wasn't too happy about her talking about his butt!

Back home to some snoozing and around lunchtime OTL called us to go out again. First it was delivering, then it was down to the school to do some adjustments on the radios and the off to the beach for a swim!

The tide was right is and of course I was in and swimming before those two had even got to the beach!

I Just LOVE a Cool Swim!
It was just super splashing about and fetching a small stick. Holly stayed on the Sea Wall and refused to come down to the water.

She said that St Swithins applied to getting wet from swimming as well as being rained on!

Dopey Dog will be wet for forty days now!
 I think she made that up and anyway, the sun was drying me off a treat!

Who's wet? Not Me!
 While we were out, OTL got a telephone call from our burglar alarm system saying that there was a fire at our house.

He called back to The Missus to check everything was OK and asked her if she was doing any cooking?

TM confirmed that there was no fire and warned him of Impending Doom if he made any more comments about her cooking!

That's telling him!

I'm off to see if there is anything we can mug!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.


  1. I like lay ins and snoozes, nothing wrong with getting up a bit later as long as brekkie isn't too late. I bet little Bro was chuffed to little mint balls with Holly this morning even if she did mention his butt. Glad you managed to get your dip in the sea today. I don't think you'll mind if you get a dip for the next 40 days. That was strange OTL getting a call saying there was a fire at your house, are you sure that your TM wasn't cooking? I wonder if the impending doom means she's going to cook his dinner tonight or not. Hope you find something to mug, she might go on strike. Don't think we had any rain since we woke up but we might have had some in the night. I might tell my mum to keep a brolly handy just in case. Have a good evening all, love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxx

  2. I think we had a small bit of drizzly stuff to dampen our dustbin lid here and there so may we will be alright when I go shopping in the morning! Regarding the alarm system, we know someone who had a call from his Van Tracking Company asking where his Van was, he was instructed to go and check that it really was on his driveway as according to there Tracking it was "In the middle of the North Sea"! Glad that you were nearby and could check with TM that it was a false report.
    Lovely Goats Beard flower and what a lovely swim you had with your little stick, beautiful photos to show us as well. Hope you had some nice cooking from TM, she is not a bad cook on the quiet! It is when she is noisy that she sometimes lets herself down but she tries her best, you can't be good at everything. Have a lovely sunny day Thursday and I shall be back soon. xxxx