Monday, 13 July 2015

Racing Snails!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

It has been damp and soggy today, not a day for catching a few rays!

We were out first thing and it hasn't stopped raining for most of the day. Not a heavy rain but a steady trickle that gets you all damp around the tail!

We headed towards the beach and came across the rubbish bin where there was a couple of snails skidding around on top doing wheelies and hand brake turns!

Stirling Snail doing a Hand Brake Turn!
His mate Martin Schumacher, was busy doing wheelies around the notice someone had scribbled on top of the bin!

It was amazing just how fast they can go once they got going!

We headed down to the beach and Snowflake was straight out onto the rocks to have her morning wee!

Mine! All Mine!
You could tell the ferrets were in a good mood, I got chased up the beach by them both and Brambles even had a go at chasing Old Two Legs up the grass path!!

Ferret, Hunting Dog!
 We headed back home and found that we had Doggy Scoff in our bowls, not the best nosh but it's OK if you are really hungry!

We weren't!

OTL has been busy today, working on the computer and getting rid of a big big pile paper that has grown on his desk!

We've been snoozing and sniffing at the Doggy Scoff and trying to look like we were starving!

Not sure what OTL has got for dinner tonight but if we are lucky, we may just get a nibble!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles


  1. That looks like a pair of champion racers there, you should have taken them home for more training, I bet you could enter them in the show next year and win 1st & 2nd with them. It has been a damp day but glad you got down to the beach so Snowflake can have her wee on the rocks, sounds a bit like a cocktail. I like that Bro hunting dogs, he's a right little tease. Well what can I say about the doggie scoff, I don't know, they feed you posh nosh when there's visitors around then it's back to the rubbish when they've gone, go on strike girls, no strokes until you get the posh nosh back. I hope OTL has something good for his dinner so that they can make up for the rotten scoff in your bowls. You've got to tell your TM and OTL, no new puters or ferrets until they can afford to feed you two properly. Anyways, good luck with your muggings, my poor starving little mates. Conserve your energy until you get decent scoff again. Love, licks and wags from little (sad) Arch xxxx

  2. First thing I noticed was that there were two snails, I thought for a minute but then I decided that OTL wouldn't, or would he. Colourful looking creatures and fun to watch on a wet bin lid but I don't see TM having any of it, unless of course she saw the potential of inking them up and having them do the artwork for her........................
    Our weather has been better than yours, very dull and miserable but only an occasional drizzle. Where does OTL find all this paperwork from, are you sure it is current stuff or does he just get it out of the drawer, shuffle it about a bit and then look busy, I wouldn't put it past him. Sorry about the doggy scoff, what are they saving their money for, perhaps that extension? We are all waiting to see what happens, this is better than the Elections or the Budget, hope you found some nice muggings and have a closer look at that paper work! xxxx