Thursday, 20 August 2015

I'm Injured!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May here again!

Well, what a day it's been today!

We were up late 'cos I got Old Two Legs up in the middle of the night 'cos I wanted a wee!

You know I am amazed that he manages to keep upright and bounce off the walls at the same time!

Down on The Beach we met the lads and young Poppy wanted a game of 'Chase'!

She is a cheeky little thing but she has a sweet little face so we let her chase us up and down the beach!

Play Chase?
Both ferrets said hello to her but didn't hang around 'cos the grass path is more interesting than a woofer, according to Miss Snowflake anyway!

I'm staying here until there is grass under OTL's boots!
 Back home the ferrets were rampaging around the house while OTL did his 'Cleaning' bit. Then, being a little tired Snowflake and Brambles headed for their bed and a morning of snoozing.

Now, Holly and I are used to just two rampaging ferrets and we stay up on the sofa, out of the way, and we watch them running about. Then, after they are back in bed, Holly and I head for our snoozing place.

That was until the Page Three Girls arrived and Holly and I have to stay up longer while May and April charge around and pinch our biscuits and hide them behind the furniture.

Today I forgot!

So, there they were, ferreting about and without thinking, I jumped down off the sofa and headed for the stairs, stopping to have a sniff of an interesting spot at the bottom of the stairs. 

Unknown to me, Miss April sneaked up behind me, had a sniff of my butt, then sunk her fangs into my leg!

How I didn't sink my teeth into her butt I'll never know!

That was it, off I went up to the bed and OTL gave me a cuddle and inspected my leg, just in case it was in danger of falling off!

That ferret had better look out, I may catch her next time and then we'll compare fangs!

Lunchtime I'd almost forgotten it, even though I was still limping terribly!

The Page Three Girls came out with us and they had fun running along the beach and climbing the steps up The Sea Wall.

This is Hard Work!
Miss May said that she was just too tired to do any more running but that was only to get OTL to pick her up for a while!

I need a Carry!
April was doing well climbing up the steps but got a little nervous about the jump down again!

OTL helped her a couple of times and it wasn't long before she was belting around all over the place!

If you think I'm going that way, think again!
Back home it was 'Manufacturing' for OTL and all us woofers spent the afternoon snoozing!

Tomorrow we will be having a run around 'cos OTL has got a load of stuff to deliver and then it's off to the carriers, so somewhere along the road we should bump into the Riverside Park!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May.


  1. Oh Daisy, that wicked, evil, vicious little newbie needs her teef pulling out. How dare she bite you, when I come down next I'll give her a nip, blooming cheek biting my lovely cover girl. I hope your leg feels better. Poppy does look cheeky, glad to hear you had a good game with her. I bet Snowflake and Brambles had a good time sniffing the sniffs. Tomorrow sounds good, getting out and about, think of all the raspberries you and Holly can blow when you're in the car. I hope you get extra mugs and cuddles tonight, you deserve them for not making mincemeat of that little monkey. Maybe you should suggest OTL calls the new cage Fangs Towers. Take care of your poorly leg. I had to go to the vets this morning, she said I had to have my beard shaved so that my mum could put some cream on my chin, I wasn't very happy about that, this afternoon my mum had to go back to get some new tablets for me, so I hope I won't be itchy for too much longer. Love, extra licks and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh poor you! What a wicked minx that Miss April is. I'm glad the ferrets had their jabs otherwise you might need a tetanus shot. That would add insult to injury. What a pain that you have to stay on the sofa twice as long too especially as your biscuits get pinched while you're up there! Poppy looks very sweet and great fun to play with.
    A run in Riverside Park sounds good for tomorrow. Will the ferrets come too are can you run free?
    I'd best go now as mum & Dad are on holiday in Sicily and Hamish and I are at home with a lovely lady called Carole. She thinks we're really sweet and we trained her to let us sleep on the bed with her.
    Just thought, we could have got my TL'S to bring the new bits for ferret towers back from Italy but then again my mum's case was packed to bursting when she left and dad's got one arm in plaster so it may have been a bit tricky smuggling it back on the plane. Rest up Daisy. Gentle woofs from Izzy and Hamish xx

  3. So sorry to read about your nip and I hope it soon heals, that is what comes of letting new ferret onto your stairs. The sofa is comfortable but you and Holly are now imprisoned on a sofa! Riverside tomorrow sounds good after running around with OTL doing deliveries, a just reward.
    Young Poppy looks sweet, glad she enjoyed a run around with you, take care of that leg, OTL will look after you but remember "Once bitten twice shy" is a TL's saying. xxxxxx