Friday, 21 August 2015

TM the Lepidopterist!

Hi Woofers!

It's us, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May here again!

Wot a hot day today! It has been so hot that we considered abandoning our walk and instead staying in the shade!

First thing this morning it was a bit cooler and we were out before it got too hot. We saw a couple of Thames Barges sail past. OTL had the 35mm lens on the camera so had to go 'Artistic' instead of 'Close Up' with a telephoto!

Red Sails in The Sun Set!
 Miss Snowflake was not in the best mood this morning and wanted to go back to bed but Old Two Legs said that she should get out for a 'Bit of Fresh Air' and promised to pick her up if she needed it. Her poo was inspected and noted that it was a little green, which means she could have an upset tummy!

On the walk she did another poo and that looked OK, according to OTL who knows about ferret poo!

I was a little sad that Snowflake didn't feel well so I got OTL to pick me up for a cuddle!

I felt better and told Snowflake that OTL does a good cuddle! A bit later Snowflake got a cuddle as well and she said it made her feel better as well!

OTL does a good cuddle!

At lunchtime it was very hot and I really missed the water! I did have a little rest on the Sea Weed, just to cool my tummy!

April and May were out and running after OTL as he walked along the path 'cos they still feel a little unsure about the Big Wide World!

OTL is teaching them that when he blows the thingy from a squeaky toy, they can get picked up for a carry!

It's working! 

How many more fences have we got to climb over!
They are put down and allowed to wander off sniffing the sniffs and then OTL blows on the Thingy and they both come scampering up to OTL and then get picked up!

Of course, it would never work with us woofers!

The ferrets said that the walk was tiring and they got thirsty. Lucky for them they found a rock pool with fresh water and were able to have a slurp!

Not only thirsty but this walking thing is wearing my legs away!
 While the ferrets were doing their 'Training' thing, Holly and I found a dead crab on the beach and we took turns in rolling in it, safe in the knowledge that OTL couldn't get to us to make us stop!

Oooooooooh! That feels better!
When we got to the sandy beach both ferrets set about digging a hole, it wasn't very big but for a ferret it was quite deep!

We are going to need ladders soon!
Holly and I said that although it deep if you were a ferret it wasn't up to a 'Woofer Hole', then we set about showing them!

Now, This is a Hole!
Back home again for a snooze but before we could get settled, The Missus told us that she had photographed a Hummingbird Hawk-moth that was feeding on the flowers, and, she had taken some photographs!

Hummingbird Hawk-moth Macroglossum stellatarum
Now, who is a clever Lepidopterist!

TM is getting ready to go off to Birmingham to do some baby sitting for the next week, so that means all us woofers will be able to have parties and eat carrots and not worry about the crumbs and the ferrets can hide our biscuits down the back of the sofa and they have told OTL they will hide some under TM's pillow!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May


  1. What a good day you've all had. It has been quite warm but they say tomorrow will be a lot warmer. Poor little Snowflake and how lovely of you to feel so sorry for her that you needed a cuddle with OTL. He does do good cuddles, I like when he lets me snooze on his lap, he's very comfy. I hope Miss Snowflake is feeling better after some snoozes. What a shame there was no water for you to have a dip in at lunch time, that mud I walked thru is quite cooling. I'm glad to hear OTL is training those 2 new little Miss's. You and Holly are already trained, you know exactly when to get in a pickle. Oooh I bet that crab sniffed good. Did your TM notice the eau da crab? I bet your woofer hole was really deep. What a lovely picture of that butterfly thingy. Your TM was very clever to catch it. I loved OTL's artistic picture and of course the pictures of you all. I hope your TM has a lovely week, will you be having parties every night and singing songs? She'll miss you all. I suppose OTL will be doing the cooking, ooh think of the chicken in the warm gravy, yummmm. You best make sure the door to her crafty stash is kept shut in case those newbies get in their and start sorting things out. I'm missing my boy. Guess what, this morning I went into the sweet shop and Brenda wasn't there so Richard the manager got my treats out, he was so slow opening the bag that I jumped up and almost landed on the counter, if my mum hadn't have had the end of the lead, I'd have made it. Make the most of cuddles with your TM this evening and wish her a safe journey. Have a lovely evening, you might even get extra muggings if she's going for a week. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. It seems that you did not do the promised deliveries and visit to Riverside, oh well perhaps another day. We had a rainy start to the day but then it brightened up and you are right it did turn out warm. Tomorrow is the Thames Barge Race from Gravesend to Southend and back, it seems it will start about 7 am, someone has posted a picture of a couple of Barges moored at Gravesend with the setting sun, ready to start. Like to hear that the Calendar Girls are responding to training, it will make it easier for OTL. Hope you are all ready for your party week and have ordered in supplies and invited a few mates round for a shindig? Lots of lamb hearts with warm gravy, chicken cooked just as you like it, sounds fab, TM will miss you all but be careful and don't say too much in your Diary because she will be reading it, just pretend it is a normal sort of week, nothing different except how much you are missing her. That way she will never know because OTL will Hoover around before she comes home and remove the evidence and do all the washing up, "mums the word"!! She did very well with her photography, didn't have the camera in monochrome, have the wrong lens on or a dead battery, all in all she did very nicely. Wish her a lovely week from me and Michael and you will have to be in charge of OTL, good luck on that. Tomorrow we are going to Biddenden for the Tractorfest and Country Fare, lots going on including ferret races and ducks rounding up dogs, Michael will have his camera, say no more!! xxxxxx