Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Mr Brambles is laid to rest.

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May back again!

Did you know that the Sun, Moon and Earth have been 'In Alignment' over the last couple of days?

Neither did we, why should we?

Well, what it means is that when High Tide arrives, it gets further up the beach than normal!

We spotted the result this morning when we got to the beach.

That was a High Tide!
Not that Miss Snowflake was that interested, she said she could have done with an extra half an hour in bed!

Another half an hour?
 Down on the beach she had us all going, she reckoned she could sniff a Kebab on the wind. Holly and I couldn't!

We were getting worried in case our noses were wearing out but it was Old Two Legs who pointed out that the Kebab Shops don't open until the evening!

Mmmm! Chicken Donna with Chilli Sauce and Pitta Bread!
 Yeah! OK! She fooled us this time!

Back home the last bit of the new cage system arrived and OTL started to rearrange everything so the towers would fit in properly. Mind you, his back is still hurting so it was 'Painfully' slow! 

He managed to get Miss Snowflake all sorted out and looking very trim. The Page 3 Girls would have to wait until after the lunchtime walk.

There was an on shore wind and wot with the Moon and stuff it looked like swimming was out today!

No, not today!
We found a bit of a boat washed up on the shore. Miss May said that she reckons it came from a boat that had already been broken up by the sea 'cos the paint was all old and peeling!

Where is the rest?
May was having fun, she got her paws wet by getting too close to the waves and it was a good job she had her harness on and OTL on the end of the lead!

She rushed up the beach and proceeded to dig a hole the size of Christmas!

I Just Love Holes!
Back home OTL decided that it was time Mr Brambles should be introduced to his final resting place.

The pot had contained some flowers that were past their prime, so out they came and in went Brambles, all wrapped up in a pillow case and curled up like he was asleep.

The Missus also pointed out that the pot contained the finest quality 'John Innis No. 2' and that should be very comfortable for him!

We put some slate stones on top to keep the cats away and topped it all with Mr Brambles Wee'ing Stone that OTL will en-scribe at a later date.

Sleep on Bro Brambles.
See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.


  1. Yo Daisy and furries and TL's, My mum has been going on for days about blood moon's and strange things .......... I just presumed the old girl had lost her marbles, perhaps with things in alignment it knocks the sense out of the TL's. Shame it makes the water come far up the beach and too rough to swim in. I wonder if Miss Snowflake could smell a kebab that someone ate on the beach and left bits lying around, she is pretty good at sniffing things. Poor OTL with his bad back, usually he's pretty quick to put things together. He must be suffering in silence. Hope the page 3 girls like their new extension. That bit of boat doesn't look good for anything, maybe Holly has some ideas about it, she likes boats.
    I'm sure little Brambles would like his final resting place, he'll be nice and snug in there and will be able to hear all the goings on of the house as he's not far away, I know you and Holly will guard him well. You'll be able to run your diary past him, he may even get to have a chat with Trev the tadpole who should actually be a little tiny frog by now. That looks like a super weeing rock. Hope you've got good muggings tonight, I expect TM and OTL will be raising a glass to little Brambles tonight, as will my mum.
    Love, licks and wags to you all and good night, sleep tight little Brambles. Little Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. What a lovely resting place for Mr Brambles! I keep wondering if Miss Snowflake is missing him as much as I am!

  3. That's a very pretty flower pot for little Mr Brambles, rest in peace little one. xx
    The high tide was very high and that water looked too rough, I am glad you didn't try to be a hero. Poor OTL and his back, he must be frustrated at not being so quick to put the extension together, he must have plenty of rest and some nice juicy steak and single malt in the evening that will sort it out. I wonder if Miss May liked the water or when she ran up the beach and dug a big hole perhaps she was trying to escape the waves. She seems much braver than Holly who I noticed was getting a bit used to Scottish water, I even think you got her knees wet at one time. Maybe in the summer she will venture into your beaches' water, maybe, maybe not.
    Raise a glass and cheers to Mr Brambles. xx
    Nite, nite have a good Thursday. xxxxx

  4. A weeing rock to be proud of. RIP Mr Brambles x

  5. RIP dear Mr Brambles .... we miss you still but you now have a lovely resting place with your very own weeing stone to mark the spot. I'm sure your Godwin sisters will come to visit you often and share their adventures with you. xxxx Jasper and his Mam

  6. Rest in Peace, dear sweet Mr Brambles. You gave us many many wonderful stories with your antics and are deeply missed.

  7. Rest in Peace, dear sweet Mr Brambles. You gave us many many wonderful stories with your antics and are deeply missed.