Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Izzy Wizzy We Get Bizzy!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May back with you again!

We were up a bit earlier today, well we had to get our beds all tidy and fluffed up 'cos we were expecting visitors today!

Even Old Two Legs was up at six but we think it was because of Holly snoring in his ear!

The ferrets on the other paw had to be woken up and it was only when OTL brought his breakfast up into the office that they woke up enough to slurp down their 'Ferret Milk' (Lactose Free Milk!)

Miss Snowflake was still a bit snoozy as we headed towards the beach but she woke up when she sniffed the sea weed or maybe it was the cloudy mist that seemed to cover everything!

Not exactly Sunshine!
Holly and I were hunting up and down the beach looking for interesting sniffs for Izzy. In the end it was a case of 'Speed Sniffing', there were so many!

I've counted twenty one so far!
 Snowflake was all over the 'Half Boat' and at one point suggested that Izzy could have a go at Walking The Plank!

Yeah! Just right for Walking the Plank!
Back home it was Chicken Chunks 'cos The Missus was trying to pretend it was 'Haute Cuisine' but as Holly said, 'It still Looks like Chicken!'

Finally, OTL sneaked out and took the parcel down to the carriers while Holly and I had a snooze on our cushions.

Before long we heard a ringing door bell, Izzy was here!

We got over the introductory sniffs and then decided to get off to the beach!

There were loads of sniffs we had saved and even the ferrets pointed out a couple Holly and I missed. You know, I'm getting right proud of how they are coming along on the sniff front but I still don't trust their teeth!

Now Izzy, this one we call Sea Rat!
 Of course, we had to show Izzy the 'Half Boat' and explain all about why it was half way up the beach!

You can even sniff the old Tar on this!
 Izzy wanted to know more about how we do mugging down here, so, we did a demonstration. The secret is to get the Two Legs on the point of imbalance. Now this can be done when they crouch down to say 'Hello' or if they are sitting, it is best done when they have got the food half way between plate or packet and their mouth!

Let's show you!

Izzy says that we have certainly been working on our technique and agree it works a treat. Izzy says that she is going to do some more practise at home!

Now, just for OTL, Izzy stood still long enough for OTL to get a photo of her which he has 'Played About' with on the Photo Shop computer thingy!

Izzy looking good!
I must admit, she can take a good picture, she says it's all down to pose, whatever that is!

Izzy says that she enjoyed the visit and especially the sniffs we saved for her and if ever we are in Cumbria she will be pleased to show us all the sniffs in her village!

Now, you can't ask any more than that!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.


  1. Yo, Daisy, Holly, furries and Izzy, sounds like you've all had a lovely day. Didn't Holly tell you that snoring in your TL's ear is to make sure they don't over sleep. Look at Snowflake trying out the plank for size. Speed sniffing is good but it doesn't make for good savouring of the sniff and there's less chance of rolling in it. Glad Miss Izzy liked the sniffs down on your beach, you do have some real belting sniffs down there. Love the photo that OTL took of her, it is really pretty. How nice of her to invite you up to share her sniffs. Love the mugging demo, do you know I reckon you're better at demoing than your TM is. Must rush cos I'm still trying to work out if it's scoff time yet. Have a lovely evening and good muggings. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. Nice to see you with your visitor, Izzy is so pretty and the photo is lovely. Glad she liked your Southern sniffs, Snowflake is getting good at them. Your mugging demo was very good, it's a pity that it doesn't work when you are hoping for a bit of sandwich. Chicken chunks sounds different, does it mean that you have to chew more because TM hasn't bothered to cut it up. What is she like, I don't know? It was warm tod
    Ay in Bexle
    Yeah. I-pad playing up....... It was warm in Bexleyheath today and I am hoping for the same tomorrow, paws crossed. xxxxx

  3. Hi there all my lovely friends. I had so much fun visiting you all today although I'm very pleased that Miss Snowflake didn't make me walk the plank! I'm a little late commenting tonight because I had a really long sleep when I got in. Then mum went out with her phone so I couldn't write. Thank you for the lesson in mugging a TL. I'll keep practicing and will pass on your tips to Hamish when I get home. Hopefully we'll soon be as skilled as you and Daisy. I loved the sniffs on your beach especially the sea rat. I'm very impressed with my photo and think that OTL managed to capture my best side. Mum says she will put it in a frame...cos she's soppy like that.
    Best go now as we have a very long drive back to Cumbria in the morning. Love, wags and sniffs from Izzy xxx

    1. Oops! That should say..as skilled as you and Holly. Also wanted to add that next time I'll let you into the secret of how to camouflage yourself on a beach. I think that I was quite good at it. Miss Snowflake is pretty good too. Izzy xx