Thursday, 29 October 2015

Warm winds from North Africa!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here!

Wot a super day!

This morning we were out and it was almost balmy weather! There was a warm wind blowing, sunshine and not a rain cloud to be seen!

Holly was full of ideas on how to get the 'Half Boat' floating again and how we could all go on a day trip to Sheerness!

The only real problem was, Holly said she should be the Captain and she should be standing on top of the boat pointing the direction we should be going and me, 'cos I can swim and tow the boat across the river!

I really didn't think that was a good idea but Holly insisted it would work 'cos I can swim and she can't!

I reckon she should get shoved into the water, just to see if she really can swim!

Well, I don't know how to paddle it!
Snowflake said it was a 'Potty Idea' and we should all look at flying it across the river using a balloon filled with hot air 'cos we spent a lot of time talking a Lot of Hot Air!

That ferret is getting too cheeky!

There are more important things to do instead of crossing the river!
Back in the car we all got a rub down with our Doggy Towel 'cos the grass had loads of dew on it and we all had wet tummies!

Snowflake had a run around the house when we got back and that gave Old Two Legs time to clear out Snowflakes house. Then he went looking for her, he hunted all over the house, even used the squeaky ball to attract her but she was nowhere to be found. It was getting serious and even Holly and I were keeping a lookout from the bed where we escape to when the ferrets are out.

Finally, OTL had a good look at the bedding in Snowflakes house and found that she had put herself to bed!

The Page 3 Girls were out like a shot and after a quick play with OTL they were off like lightening down stairs to rob our biscuit bowl!

Lunchtime we were out again but the clouds had covered the sky and there was even rain in the air, but it was still warm!

OTL said that the winds were blowing in from North Africa on the 'Jet Stream' which is all a mystery to us but as long as it is warm we don't care!

Walking along the Sea Wall we spotted a big lump of wood that had floated down the Medway and was trying to climb up the Sea Wall!

Not another one!
 A few steps later, there following down the river came a lump of wood looking for a place to land!

Keep going buster!
Holly said it must be the day for Flotsam and Jetsam 'cos there was a plastic beer crate following hard on their heels!

Miss April, who says she is an expert says that these are Flotsam or rubbish dropped off passing ships and that Jetsam is stuff that has been jettisoned from a ship that may be trying to lighten their load because the ship was in trouble!

You know, she is a right clever little ferret!

Definitely a bit of Flotsam!
Just as were looking at the old beer crate, a speed boat came flying past at top speed. Holly said that he should be watching out for big hard lumps of  Flotsam and Jetsam 'cos if he hit any at that speed it would make a hole in his hull!

Watch out Flotsam and Jetsam ahead!
 By the time we got down to our beach the tide was right in and we could see the 'Half Boat' trying to get off the beach but not making a good job of it!

This is hard work getting sailing again!
We started to feel the rain blowing in our faces, so, off we went at a gallop back to the car and you know what? Miss April even got OTL to carry her almost all the way back!

Both The Missus and OTL have gone off to the doctors to get stabbed with needles, OTL says it is the Flu Jab, Holly says it will more than likely be a worming jab 'cos they haven't had one for ages!

I wonder if OTL will cry when they give him the bill, just like he does at the vets!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.


  1. Yo furry brainy mates, well, you've all had an interesting and educating day today. You must be a family of experts on things. OTL with his work, photos and animal whispering, TM with her card and glue flinging and knowing what crafty stuff to buy, you with your typing and diary and sniffs, Holly with her knowledge of mugging, tastes and boats, Snowflake with her stones and slimey monsters, April with her knowledge of wot boats get rid of, and May .............. ummmmmmmm ......... well I'm sure she knows lots about things as well. No wonder I'm always worn out after day down there with you all, you teach me so much stuff. I don't think you should tow that boat though Daisy, it looks a bit heavy to me. You'd need to eat fillet steak every day to be able to grow the muscles to pull that boat. Fancy your TL's going voluntarily to get needles stuck in them and to have to pay for them ........... wow, TL's must be mad. I hope they don't get hurt too much. Don't TL's get tablets to worm them like wot we do? I hear that your TL's are going to blow up the power station tomorrow, that should be a big bang. Hope the muggings are good tonight, take care and stay warm and dry. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. You were lucky getting nice weather this morning, we had rain, rain and more rain so we had to wear our coats. There were lots of good sniffs today where some horses had been for a walk and left some gifts on the road. I thought mum would like some for the roses but she said she didn't! I think you should take care on your beach in case there are pirates that have jettisoned their planks and threw their beer overboard because they only drink rum. A trip out in the half boat will be too risky, although I think that you and Holly will put up a good fight you may need some ferret nibbles too, especially as Miss Snowflake is so good at hiding.
    Our TL'S have lit the fire and we are snuggled up toastie in its glow. I hope you had good muggings tonight. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from Izzy and Hamish xx

  3. Rest assured that the doctor doesn't charge for the flu jabs so no money will go from your budget! How sneaky of Snowflake to put herself back to bed once all the chores were done, she doesn't do missing out on sleep if she can help it! The day did start nicely, our Daisy arrived by 9-30 am with her dad and after a coffee he was sent off to work then we played games, had lunch and went to the big toy shop just to look. After that we went to Asda and found a couple of little dolls, rabbit slippers, a red dress and a black sparkly cardigan, also some nice dinner (she wanted twirly pasta, grated cheese and tomato ketchup) not your sort of dinner and something that you would not want to mug her for, nor me either.
    Maybe that speed boat could have towed you both on the half boat to Sheerness, I am sure he wouldn't have minded, Holly could have played Captain and you Chief Steward and Lookout.
    Loved your story today about all the things that find their way onto your stretch of water, you never know what will turn up next or how long it will stay, who knows what might arrive tomorrow. Don't worry if you hear a big bang it is not that ship thing that sunk ages ago, or at least it shouldn't be!. Take care and I hope that OTL and TM are alright after their trip to the TL vet.. xxxxx