Monday, 2 November 2015

Another Foggy Foggy Day!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here again!

I wish I could say that we had sun shine and blue sky's but I can't!

It was thicker fog than yesterday and the fog horn on Sheerness was giving it some welly as well as a couple of ships that were travelling along the Medway, just imagine three fog horns going off together!


OK, where is the path?
We were getting ready this morning and called out to Miss Snowflake to hurry up and get her harness on but after a rampage around the office, she had put herself back to bed!

Old Two Legs decided to leave her in bed and instead told the Page 3 Girls to get a move on and get out of bed and get their kit on!

It wasn't long before we were all down on the beach investigating new sniffs.

Miss May found what she described as a 'Ferret Surf Board' and suggested April should try it out in the Rock Pools!

This is a Posh Board!
Mind you, Miss April was not of the same opinion and told May what she could do with the board, sideways!

I'm with Holly, I don't do wet!
Lunchtime Snowflake said she was staying in bed 'cos she had been out for another rampage around the house and was quite happy with the exercise she got running up and down the stairs, plus of course the climbing up over the top of the Page 3 Girls cage as well!

So, for a change,we got a longer run and didn't have to sit and wait for the ferrets to catch us up!

But, we still got the fog!

I sort of miss the ferrets!
 OTL was interested to see there was still some plants with their flowers still out in all their colour!

Catching the last of the sunshine.
 As we were going along the Sea Wall, who should we see in the distance? It was Dave the Westie!

We had a good game of 'Chase' and shared a sniff or two then we had a chat about the fog and the fog horn being blown from the Sheerness Docks.

Yeah, it does make such a moaning sound!
Then Dave went over to OTL to say hello and get a tickle of his tail! Dave thinks OTL is 'The best' and is always pleased to meet him!

Yo! OTL, Gissa Tickle!
On the way back to the car, OTL spotted some big fungi and said that if they are allowed to grow, they will be gigantic!

Claws crossed we may see a whacking great fungi tomorrow morning!

Getting bigger every hour!
The rest of the day has been very snoozy, Holly stayed down stairs with The Missus, on the sofa, watching the birds on the feeders, you see Holly is a keen Bird Watcher!

I stretched out and fell asleep under OTL's desk and enjoyed the warm air being blown from the computer!

The ferrets were fast asleep when we got back and were doing what a ferret does best, sleep!

Let's hope we get some wing overnight and blow this fog away!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.


  1. Evening all, wasn't it a murky day today, I'm with you lot, I've done a bit extra snoozing in the warm today. I really don't blame Snowflake for not wanting to get up from a nice warm cosy bed and go out in the cold damp foggy weather. Nice surf board but does it float? Think it's a bit to cold to try it out on the water. I bet you enjoyed the longer walk without having to wait for the bossy ferrets. Nice picture of Dave asking for a tickle under his chin, OTL does have the "touch". We don't have any fog horns here so I don't know what they sound like, probably like my mum snoring. Stay warm and snuggled and enjoy some nice muggings. I bet Holly was only watching the birds cos she wonders if they taste like chicken. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. I sort of recognise that place you went today and it could do with a big spot of sunshine, a bit of fog is alright for a change but when it follows you everywhere you can get very tired of it. No wonder Snowflake wanted to stay at home with her white fur she could easily get lost and without Sheerness it gets a bit boring. That half boat can't move now, it wouldn't know where to float to next and might land up somewhere not so nice, inhabited by not such nice woofers. Dave is a lovely woofer and knows just how to get on OTL's good side. Holly will look like the picture on your wall with her bird watching and bird wondering, our Daisy saw a robin today in Ashford sitting on a branch for ages before it swooshed up in the air and flew away. It is a wonder that the birds know where to go with all the mist and damp, if they haven't left yet they had better hurry up and those that are arriving will be wishing they had never started out. Keep warm tomorrow, encourage OTL to work at his computer then you can be hear him and warm at the same time. Michael is putting a picture of Daisy and Daisy on his Blog at this moment so you must get OTL to have a look, I do think there is an OTL as well. He was pleased to see himself in your Diary yesterday and didn't think he looked too bad, better than he usually photographs in fact. Night Night xxxxx

  3. Hello Daisy,
    Your fog stretched all 318 miles up to us. It was really bad this morning and again tonight. Poor mum took ages driving home in the dark fog. Dad says that he'll put our flashing lights on tomorrow if it's as bad...not sure about that! Lucky Snowflake getting to stay indoors. Is she ok? Dave looks like a lovely fella. I wonder how big the fungi will be tomorrow? Those horns sound scary. Five at once seems a bit .
    Off to bed now. Wags, woofs & love from Izzy xx

  4. Oh dear Daisy . . . two whole days of foggy walks . . .that's not good is it? Hopefully Tuesday will be better.
    Hugs, Sarn xxx