Sunday, 15 November 2015

Snowfllake Gets a Strop On!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss May and Miss April here!

Old Two Legs and The Missus were up terribly early today, in fact it was so early that Holly and I went back to sleep!

The ferrets all stayed asleep,so you can tell how early it was!

It was still dark when we were bundled into the big car, but not the ferrets!

Off we went and on the way we worked out that we were picking up Auntie Helen and then off to pick up some mates and then they were off to play Glue Slapping in Maidstone.

What ever turns you on!

Back we went and today we didn't pick up Snowflake 'cos she is having difficulty with her back legs, so she stayed in bed!

We got down to The Sea Wall and spotted what we think is a 'UFO', that is a Unidentified Ferret Object!

It looked like it was hovering over the top of Sheerness!

Look! It's a UFO!
 OTL said that it wasn't an UFO, it was a Star!


We got a move on and headed towards The Beach 'cos that is across the river from Sheerness. When we got there it looked like the UFO had turned up it's engines and was about to leave, but there was no noise!

5-4-3-2-1-Lift Off!
OTL was still going on about it being a Star and we didn't think he was looking at the same thing but he said it was the Sun shining through the clouds and of course, the Sun is a Star!

Holly said that it may be the Sun but a UFO was more interesting!

On our way to the beach we noticed that the breakwater had a couple of planks missing and it will be interesting to see what that will do to the sand and shingle on the beach!

Two Planks Missing?
We started to head for home when Holly spotted a Woofer in the distance. She knew who it was and sat down to wait.

It's Bert!
WE hadn't seen Bert for some time, so we all had a chase around, but not very far 'cos he has to be kept on a lead!

Hello Little Girl!
 Holly, being the Tart, was jumping around in front of him and being all Soppy!

Can't catch me!
 In the end Bert had to carry on his walk even though he would have rather stayed with us!

Bye Girls, see you again soon!
Back home Snowflake was busting to get out and after a quick charge around the office, she settled down to a drink of her Lactose Free Milk.

Miss May was going potty trying to get out but Snowflake ignored her, until she had finished the milk.

Then is started, she was up at May's cage, rattling it with her paws and telling that she would 'Sort May Out' if she came out!

After her cage was cleaned, OTL put Snowflake back and let out the Page 3 Girls, May was straight up to Snowflakes cage and started calling her to 'Come outside and we'll sort it out!'

OTL kept picking May up and taking her out of the office to try to calm them both down!

It didn't work!

In the end he had to hang a blanket over Snowflakes cage so they couldn't see each other!

You could hear Snowflake muttering but in the end even she climbed into bed and fell asleep!

Holly and I had some chicken waiting for us but we let it get cold 'cos it was such fun watching the pair of them trying to fight through the cage bars!

Lunchtime we took the Page 3 Girls with us for a walk. At first they were all snoozy and really wanted to go back to bed but a bit of sea air soon got their noses twitching!

May was rushing about having a game of 'Chase' with OTL while April spent most of the time trying to get OTL to pick her up again!

This is a good place to wee!

We noticed that the 'Half Boat' had slipped further down the beach but it hadn't floated off yet.

Miss May said that she thought, if we all pushed together, we could float it away with the tide.

OTL pointed out that we would all get our paws wet, Holly backed off straight away and April said we were 'On our own!'

Ho well, maybe next time!

If we all shoved together?

 We have just got a phone call from TM, seems like she is ready to be picked up in the big car. OTL did suggest she get the bus home.

I think he will be on Doggy Scoff for the next week or two!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss May and Miss April.


  1. I don't know, these TL's getting up in the middle of the night, disturbing a woofers snooze, it's not on! So instead of having a lovely Sunday lay in, you're playing taxi and guard woofers to the local glue flingers. I hope you got a treat from them for giving up your snooze. Sorry to hear that Snowflake is having trouble with her back legs, I hope when she gets to the vet tomorrow for her next stabbing the vet can sort it out for her. Goodness, no wonder you girls are so clever, your OTL does know a lot about things. Well I see Holly chops didn't miss me yesterday, tarting with Bert today ........ I'm glad you stayed faithful to me Daisy. I can imagine them 3 girls in the furry room having a good old time hurling insults ........... who won? See I told you I'd tell my mum to tell your TM to give you better scoff. Looks like you'll be being fed on all the good stuff this week, while poor OTL gets the doggie scoff, I bet your TM weren't much impressed with him telling her to get the bus. Is she home yet? Has he got any bruises where they show? Have a lovely evening all, stay warm and snuggly and enjoy any muggings. Love, licks and wags from little Arch xxxxxxxx

  2. Ah poor Snowflake, hope the vet can help make her better soon. Sorry you had to get up in the middle of the night, that TM certainly takes the biscuit when it comes to needing ferrying around, poor OTL left in charge again of the five of you will she goes sticking her fingers into ink and glue. Chicken sounds nice, I hope OTL likes his doggie scoff for suggesting the bus, brave man or foolish depending on your view. Ferret Wars seems to be on for today, you two stay out of the way but be nosey from a distance but fancy letting your chicken go cold, silly girls! Supposed to be dry Monday and quite mild so make the most of it and don't let OTL share your chicken! xxxxx