Tuesday, 29 September 2015

We're Back!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May back here with you again!

We bet you thought we had dropped off the map!

Well, you can blame The Missus for the lack of blogs! You see she has been going on about calling into the Gretna Green Designer Centre and doing some 'Shopping'.

If we had left on Monday, there wouldn't have been time to call in 'cos the journey to home would have been at least nine hours, and that's not including the time spent at Gretna!

Well, she kept on whining and pouting and coming out with the big 'Deep Meaningful Sighs' so that in the end we agreed to leave a day early and overnight at Gretna.

It was such a rush to get packed up and on the road that we didn't have time to leave you any sort of message to tell you we had gone!

Worst still, the Gretna Caravan site doesn't have Wi-Fi! So that's us done for!

We did all the shopping bit and as tradition states, we had a Chinese Take Away and Holly and I chomped away on the Plawn Clackers! and TM was sloshing back the Bolli!

We were up and away by seven for the journey home. We landed on the drive at just gone three, so that wasn't too bad. We were all tired and we didn't even empty the caravan, instead we left it for today to finish off.

As normal, there were piles of letters and stuff on the mat and today OTL has been working his way to making a big pile for working on tomorrow!

Archie Babe asked about Brambles 'Wee'ing Stone' and yes we got one for him. Old Two Legs brought it home in the car. As we were packing up, TM insisted that she had the Wee'ing Stone in the caravan but OTL knew it was in the car. This morning TM was unwrapping the 'stone' from a plastic bag when she discovered that she was unwrapping the fire extinguisher!

OTL reckons it's to much Bolli!

We were all late getting up this morning and OTL still has the bad back he got lifting the ferret cages in and out of the car!

We got down to the beach and had a good sniff around to see what had changed. Miss Snowflake said that she would remember Mr Brambles every time she had a wee on the rocks!

This is for Brambles!
We had a look up and down the beach and although this is 'Our' beach, it certainly was nowhere near as big as the holiday beaches!

Just a little bit bigger?
Snowflake enjoyed a good rub down in the plant on the beach. She kept on nibbling the stems then rubbing her head on them, I suppose it's a bit like us woofers, it makes a change to sniff of something else!

Having a Really Good Rub!
 Lunchtime we were down again with May and April and it took a little while before they managed to wake up and get out of the travelling cage!

You mean we are here already?
It seems they were still tired from yesterday!

The wind was blowing up a bit and the waves were crashing against the sea wall, not enough to come over the top but we didn't fancy a swim!

They're bigger than Scotland!
Tomorrow, providing the sun is shining, we will bury Mr Brambles in the back garden. TM has suggested we bury him in a big plant pot so that if we ever move, we can take him with us!

Now, that's a good idea!

Dinner is on it's way, so we are off for some mugging!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.