Friday, 29 January 2016

Not the best day we have had!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

Well, today has been one of those 'Ever Decreasing Circles' type of day. We were up really early to get our walk in before Wendy was off to the vets. I tell you, weeing in the dark is no fun! We all managed to get back with thirty minutes to spare, so it was a gentle drive for April.

The vet had another go at listening to her heart and pronounce that she had a 'Heart Murmur' and that her tummy was full of fluid!

Not a good thing!

Having a dickey heart also means that she is not getting enough oxygen in her blood system and that is the reason she sleeps so much and seems to have lost her 'Sparkle'!

Old Two Legs agreed to an x ray and an ultra scan on her to see what was going on, he will get the full results and get a look this evening when he visits the vet.

The vet is to 'Phone a Vet' who is into ferrets for some advice on medication. If there is history of heart problems and a drug has proved to be of help then we have a good chance of keeping April around for some time but we won't know that until this evening.

OTL is not very happy at the moment, as he says, he has lost three ferrets in five months and that hurts.

We are all keeping our claws crossed that the 'Phone a Vet' will come up with something.

April says that she didn't mind the x ray 'cos she got a good slurp of Ferretone that OTL had left with the vet but the scan involved having the hair shaved off her tummy and now she is feeling the drafts!

On a brighter note, OTL found Freddy and Wendy cuddled up in the same bed last night and they were still there this morning! Mind you, Wendy still gave Freddy's ears a box when he refused to let her have the chicken strip he was eating!

They have been closer together today and even had a go at playing when they were on a rampage around the house. So we still think there is a good chance they will settle down together and when you think about it, she has been here less than two weeks, so there is plenty of time!

More news tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. So sorry to hear it's not a good day. We're all keeping everything crossed that the vet finds some solutions for helping Miss April. We do feel very sorry for OTL and TM, all the worry makes TL's get very, very sad. We're desperately hoping to hear some good news. Weeing in the dark is a bit off, I had to get up early and wee in pitch black this morning cos my mum had to go to work. I find it very creepy when it's dark and the wind is blowing lots. Good news about Freddy and Wendy snuggle buddies last night. Hope they decide to do lots more snuggling and less fisticuffs. I think I can kind of understand Miss Wendy being a tad put out if Freddy didn't share his chicken strip with her. I think maybe OTL might have to sacrifice one of his socks to keep Miss April warm around the tummy area, if Mrs TM cuts the foot out and he slides his sock over her, it might just keep her a bit cosy. Sending you all lots of love and licks and keeping everything crossed here. Little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. I have everything crossed for Miss April and hope the ferret vet has something that will help her. Clever idea about the sock warmer Little Arch.
    Great to hear things are improving with Wendy and Freddy x

  3. Hi, i hope for some good news for miss's such a shame when you look after your little furry friends that it comes with so much heart ache.
    I'm pleased Freddie's firmness has payed off with Wendy, let's hope he keeps her in place.
    X Sam

  4. Everything is crossed for Miss April and that the ferret vet will be able to help with some medicine. Well done OTL for spotting the symptoms, which is always difficult with little furries who can't tell you what is wrong. I do love li'tl Arch's idea for a sock jumper for ferrets ...he's a bright young woofer when he's not getting into scrapes which end up with him in the doghouse. Love licks and hugs to you all jasper and his Mam Annie x

  5. Oh Daisy what a worry for you all,poor OTL. I hope Wendy starts loving Freddy boy real soon. Loving the little video links you are doing Daisy x

  6. Hope the Phone a Vet person comes up with a remedy for little Miss April, OTL must be really worried as will TM with this occurrence. Luckily OTL spotted something wrong early which must be a good thing, hope all goes well. As for Fred and his lady, things are looking up but don't speak too soon. You and Holly need little head torches then you can light up each other when you are required to wee in the dark! TM could decorate them all sparkley and glittery so you look super duper in case you meet up with other woofers. Show her, see what she thinks. Get well soon little Miss April. xxxxxx

  7. OTL sure knows his stuff when looking for problems with our tiny family. I'm over the moon seeing Freddy and Wendy getting on better. good tip about the sock jumper,little Arch xxxxx

  8. Poor Miss April. I hope that phone a Vet has some good advice. Poor OTL and TM don't need any more pots in the garden just yet. It makes TL'S very sad when they have to keep buying pots, especially in such a short time. Miss April will just have to enjoy riding in the ferret bag with a snuggle blanket.
    I'm really pleased that Miss Wendy is settling in more peacefully with Freddy now. I forgot to say how much Hamish and I enjoyed the video of Miss May Bulldozing. Our favourite part was the low flying woofers. Mum thought that you had invented a new sport called Ferret Hurdles. It would be a brilliant game for TL's on one of them PS WEE thingies where you have to run along a beach and jump over bulldozing ferrets... who would ever imagine it was really true. Please can we play it if I'm allowed to visit again. Lots of wags, woofs and licks from Izzy and Hamish xx xx xx xx