Monday, 18 January 2016

Quiet on Set, Take Two!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April and Freddy Boy!

It's Monday and Old Two Legs is back to the filming of Old Inky Fingers!

Well, the good news is that the filming is 'In the Can' and OTL is working on editing it. He has reassembled his office and got rid of all the inky finger marks from his desk. We have vacuumed all the glitter up and got the bottle of glue taken away. Mind you, she never used the glue, I suppose it was there as a threat!

Bad news is, OTL has taken some photos (Hurrah!)  Some are video and he hasn't had time to put them onto Yoo Toob! (Boo!)

You will have to wait until tomorrow to get them!  (Shame!)

Still, we had a good walk this morning and April was showing off big time! She refused to walk anywhere until she got to the last bit and only then it was for a little distance!

She said it was just too cold!

I don't do Cold!
Mind you, the sun had got up but was having problems warming up as well!

Another chilly morning!
Although there was no frost this morning I reckon there will be some tomorrow, so that means April will get let off doing any walking and OTL says that she can stay in bed!

That doesn't go for the rest of us, we still have to go for a run!

Lunchtime Freddy Boy was out and charging about, well not to begin with and he was not going to play Bulldozers either!

No, I'm on strike, no holes today!
At this point I could have showed you some video of Freddy jogging along the Sea Wall of the Grass Path or even down the hill from the bench but because The Missus is showing off, we can't show it until tomorrow!

Back home OTL has been slaving away over the computer, we reckon he should print out the instructions for the editing program but he doesn't have the time, TM wants it all up and running tomorrow!

Another thing, it will be in two parts, mainly 'cos we can't get TM to talk quicker and slosh the Gesso with a bit more flair!

So, with a bit of luck part one and part two gets released tomorrow!

Just keep your claws crossed!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April and Freddy Boy!


  1. My goodness, that Mrs TM works you all very hard. Lucky April, being allowed to stay in a nice warm, snuggly bed tomorrow if it's cold outside. It was very cold here this morning, it's really not nice going out and getting very cold little paws. Good to see that Freddy boy is still enjoying his walks even if he didn't play bulldozers today. Really looking forward to seeing bits of video of you all and my mum is looking forward to seeing the bit with Mrs TM in it. I bet OTL will be looking forward to having a rest when he's finished all this work. I've had my boy at home today to play with while my mum worked. Mr Nipper isn't too sure of my boy, I think Mr Nipper has met his match. I don't think Mr Nipper was too happy at being swung by his tail and then sailing thru the air for me to catch. How is your racoon doing, does it need any training? Have a lovely snuggly evening all, love, licks, wags, sniffs and nips from little Arch and Mr (I don't like flying) Nipper xxxxxxxx

    1. Oh dear! Poor Mr Nipper. Flying through the air after being swung by your tail is not very nice. I hope you managed to catch him carefully, Archie. I hope he has a more gentle day tomorrow. Woofs and licks from Hamish xx

  2. Oh dear! TM has really been putting her foot down (hopefully not on the glitter pot). My mum's pleased to hear that all the filming went well but I can't wait to see the video of Freddy jogging on his walk. How unfair that you'll have a frosty walk in the morning, yet Miss April can stay in bed. I think you should go on strike like them TL human vets or you should make OTL walk on a frosty beach with no shoes on like you have to. Have to go now because Dad has got the Woodburner going and I can stretch right out without having Izzy come and sit on my head. Love, wags and woofs from Hamish xxxxxxx

  3. Well I am very glad the filming was a success, now we al hope that the editing in the same. You can't have TM talking faster and sloshing about quicker, this is not how these luvvy people work. Good idea staying in bed, these ferrets aren't daft, must be you and Holly that are daft for letting these two legs get away with it. Love to see footage of Fred with his bulldozer plus TM of course, can't go upsetting the prima dona. Tuesday already now so I hope you are getting your beauty sleep ready for the great showcasing of Godwin Productions. Hope the racoon

  4. Is behaving himself, don't let him near the shortbread. xxxxxx