Sunday, 3 January 2016

Scary or Wot?

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma here!

Did we have a scare this morning!

There we were, as normal, walking along the top path, both ferrets ferreting about in the grass, Holly wandering off ahead of everyone, I'm following up behind, sniffing the sniffs and Old Two Legs is taking pictures of the clouds!

Suddenly April is going a bit frantic trying to scramble up OTL's leg. She has managed to wrap her lead around both of his legs, so he can't really move. He looked to where May should be and saw an empty lead!

A quick look up the path showed May, gently jogging along the path, as normal!

I've never seen OTL disentangle April from his legs and run so fast after May!

When he caught up with her she paused, wondering what all the fuss is about!

We all breath a little easier and OTL is to find some sort of grease to put on the moving bits on the catch. We reckon she must have snagged it on some of the bracken and it came off!

It's a good job she knows the path back to the car.


Well, as if that wasn't enough. There we were driving into the village when OTL spots a car parked in an unusual place and two TL's standing by the car. One of the TL's had a Hawk on his gloved hand!

That was it, OTL pulled over and walked back to them!

They were a couple of Hawkers out for a mornings hunt for rabbits! The hawk was a Harris Hawk, from the U.S.A. and she is three years old. Her winter plumage didn't do anything for her but her eyes were bright and she was very alert!

They had got permission from the farmer to hunt over his land so OTL left them to it and we headed for home.

OTL stuck another picture on Weatherwatch, not very exciting but just how much can you do with a grey sky?

Calm before the Rain!
It was around eleven thirty that OTL said we should chance a walk before the rain arrived.

Of course, by the time we got down to the car park, it was raining!

Holly and I had to put our rain coats on and be clipped onto out lead. You see OTL knows that if we have to put our coats on then it will be wet and Holly doesn't do wet, so we hang back and OTL has to come back and push us down the path!

Sneaky OTL clipped the lead on before we were allowed out of the car and when we 'paused' to evaluate the intensity of the rain, OTL dragged us off down the path to have a walk, wither we liked it or not!

After a while we were let off out leads but as it was half way around the walk it didn't really matter 'cos we were going back anyway!

Fred and Wilma were not too impressed with the rain and of course Freddy Boy did all his tricks to get back into the bag!

Wilma is always game for a walk and although she said it would be warmer in the bag, she didn't mind the rain for a little while.

Freddy gave up in the end and jogged down the hill back to the car. OTL gave him a rub down with our towel first 'cos his tummy had been dragging in the wet grass and all him bits were cold and wet!

Next Wilma got a rub down and said that the towel tickled her tummy!

Back home to some Doggy Scoff which I will admit, I finished off in no time at all, I was a bit peckish!

Holly gave it a sniff and said she would 'Get back to it' unless she found something else that tasted of real food!

Because of the rain OTL kept his camera in his pocket, so no more pictures today, sorry.

Claws crossed that it will be better tomorrow!

Bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.


  1. Oh heck, poor OTL and you lot, I bet you were all very worried about Miss May missing off the end of her lead, I bet that was wot Miss April was trying to tell him. So glad she didn't do a runner and she's back home safe and sound. That Hawk might have found her if OTL hadn't of spotted her missing so quick. The weather here has been pretty much the same as yours, cold, wet and windy. I managed to get my walk in first thing this morning before it really tipped down, I have to admit that if I see my mum with my coat or fleece then I go and hide as well, why do these TL's insist on taking us 4 legs out when the weather is so rotten. Poor Freddy boy, cold wet bits are very uncomfortable, I don't blame him for not wanting to walk today. Wilma seems game for walking in any weather. Sorry to hear you got doggie scoff today, poor Holly, she'll waste away soon. Hope you all have a nice cosy evening in the warm, love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch, Mr Nipper is sound asleep at the moment. xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh wow@ what a scary diary entry. My heart was pounding when Miss May got loose and OTL had his legs wrapped together. I thought he was going to topple like a felled tree. Miss May was such a good girl to stick to the route and not go off in the long grass. I'm not surprised that OTL decided to put you on a lead later on. I hate the rain too.
    I've been for my haircut today and the ladies gave me lots of cuddles. Mum then treated me and Hamish to a new rain coat each. It's much more comfortable than the last one so Hamish is much happier to wear it over his harness. We also got a big comfy purple bed. I gave it a test snuggle in Dogs R us and suddenly there were 6 TL'S watching me, making oooing noises. Have they never seen a dog on a bed before?
    I wonder whether Little Arch has taken Mr Nipper to the pet shop yet? I'm sure Nipper would love to try out all the beds! Have to go now as dad is putting the Christmas twinkles away in the loft so I'd best go and hide as he's got a sore head. He seems to have lost his wobbly legs today though. Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy xxxxxxxx

  3. Oh that was a close call, so glad that Miss April alerted him to Miss May and her escape, quick thinking. I have a new necklace, an oyster shell, I had worn it two or three days when I stood up and it fell off lucky I saved it falling to the floor. Michael had a look and the clasp has to be directed right into the other side and up until then I had managed it, it is too short for me to see Our weather is no better, Ken Austen tells us it is warmer in Wales than here! Off to have dinner now, take care. xxxxxx