Saturday, 16 January 2016


Hi Woofers!

We are still here! Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April and Freddy Boy!

It was all The Missus's fault! You see she wanted to get a Yoo Toob film made on 'A Master Board Technique' but being TM she went gassing on and on and the film ended up being twenty minutes long! Poor Old Two Legs was having loads of trouble editing it and on a couple of occasions, when he 'Saved' the epic, it got all lost and we haven't seen it since!

So, he worked on the film, didn't switch off the computer, didn't allow Daisy Dog onto the Laptop to do her blog and ended banging head against the wall!

In the end, OTL downloaded a 'Trial' Video Editing Program and went to town last night. Only problem was, after getting rid of all the pauses, hiccoughs, silly jokes and 'ummmmms and errrs' we got it down to fifteen minutes, but it looked and sounded like rubbish!

OTL deleted the whole lot and TM is going to do another one next week!

So, finally I have got back on the Laptop!

What has been going on down on the beach? Well Freddy Boy has been improving on his jog along the Sea Wall but he still reckons he is not built for jogging!

I'm just not designed for jogging!
The only way OTL gets him to jog is for OTL to go to the end of the extending lead, crouch down and when Freddy runs up thinking he is going to get a lift, OTL gets up and moves a bit further down the Sea Wall. Freddy falls for it every time and although it takes ages for him to cover the distance, he does so in the end and gets rewarded with a carry and a cuddle, until the grass path comes into view!
Then it's back to walking again, but this time he does get some sniffs to play with!

This morning we had some fun. Remember that Happy Birthday Song we sang for Archie Babe? Well, we saved it up and sang it to OTL this morning! Then we kicked him out of bed and went back to sleep!

Because of that, we were out early this morning and caught the sunrise over Sheerness. Now, I've nothing against Sheerness but it's not the sort of place you would go for a holiday, but, it does do some lovely sunrises!

Sunrise over Sheerness.
Remember OTL has been having trouble with the ferrets and their use, or lack of use of the poo pots?

Seems that he may have made some progress. Ferrets will normally poo in one place as a sort of 'Marker' or like an Otter, a spraint. Now no animal will poo in the bedding where it sleeps, so OTL had filled the 'Sleeping Level' with sleeping stuff, like Cuddle Cups and Corner beds and blankets and cushions, in fact there is nowhere for a ferret to see the floor!

This means that the ferrets, May and April, go down to the bottom floor where there are two poo pots but one has a towel in it folded to be a bed!

That leaves one poo pot in the corner, with just a sprinkle of cat litter to soak up the sniff.

Result is that so far, the poo pot is being used although there are occasions when the poo pot gets kicked out of the way and a wee or a poo is deposited in the corner but mostly it is the poo pot that is getting used!

Now we don't think this is the end of the saga 'cos these ferrets are sneaky little things but it is going to be fun seeing how they will react in the coming days!

We left April at home this morning when we went out 'cos it was terribly cold and she doesn't do cold and looks so unhappy when OTL gets her out of the bag! So, just for her, it was a warm bed in the cage and it was all hers, until May came back!

Lunchtime we took Freddy out for a walk 'cos he needs the exercise but even he said it was too cold to be fun!

When does Summer arrive?
Today Freddy walked even further along the Sea Wall, with a little help from OTL, but once he got onto the Grass Path, he walked almost all the way back to the car!

OTL had to pick him up for a few steps 'cos there were three 'Sausage Dogs' running around and we hadn't met them before!

After they had gone Freddy was back down on the ground and running. He was really enjoying this run! I suppose having the sun on his back and the bushes blocking the wind made it all enjoyable!

We ran along with him and we even had OTL breaking into a trot!

When we got back to the car Freddy was straight into the water bowl for a slurp!

I need this!
Back home we met Mike & Sue who were off for a visit to the local Slough Fort which is running an 'Open Day' to see all the repairs that have been done to this old gun emplacement.

Next it was off to the village hall to pick up TM who has suggested that we get a Chinese Takeaway this evening so if our luck is in we may get a King Plawn and some Plawn Clackers!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April and Freddy Boy.


  1. Oooooohhh Daisy, I have missed you all, I'm so pleased OTL has let you back on the laptop again. I thought perhaps you'd all be naughty and he was making you all go to bed early. Sorry to hear Mrs TM's premier of her new video has been delayed but we can't be doing without your daily news. I hope you and Holly are going to be allowed walk on parts in the next video. My mum made me go out this morning for a walk, I would have preferred to stay home in the warm, so I don't blame Miss April for staying tucked up in bed. Freddy boy is doing really well with his exercise, he'll soon be slim. I like the sound of a take away, hmmm plawn clackers and king plawns, yummmmie, I hope you manage to get a mugging. Loved OTL's pictures today, have missed his photos. Hope you all have a nice warm, snuggly evening and look forward to reading your adventures tomorrow. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh that's a relief! My mum said that TM must have a whip over OTL to get her video done. It's good to see that Freddy is having so much fun on his walks. That was a beautiful sunrise over Sheerness and a great photo. OTL is an hexpert with his camera. We had an icy walk this morning and then it started snowy at tea time and it hasn't stopped. So the world has turned white and I get snowy ice-balls stuck to my legs and I hate it.
    I'm going on a holiday tomorrow and Mum is getting in a panic because she is taking me to meet a boy woofer in Glasgow early in the morning. It's over 2 hours away and it will be a very snowy drive. Hamish will be reading your blog, Daisy and letting me know what you're up to. Singing Hoppity Bird-day to OTL. Hope you got a plawn cwacker or two and that there was bird-day cake too. See you next week. Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy and Hamish xxxxxxx

  3. Oh I was so worried when you weren't on my computer or my I-pad thingy, I kept looking and looking, what had happened to you? Answer, it was TM's fault with ummms and ahhhhs and five minutes of demo and 15 minutes of making waffles! Poor OTL head spinning round and round, let's hope next week we get to see this epic production.
    Fred is doing well with his exercising and OTL seems to be on to a winner with the poo potty training, bless them, they can't out run OTL when it comes to ingenuity. Lovely sunrise over Sheerness, maybe some people still go there for their holidays after all some go to Allhallows for a holiday! It was so nice seeing you and Holly today and I did understand why you had to get up on the computer while we were there, we kept OTL busy making tea while you took the opportunity of popping up to do some typing. Holly stayed with us making sure you weren't disturbed, sorry I didn't know it was OTL's birthday but he had a very nice present from Martin and Lisa, hopefully TM will send a report about it. Hope you managed some plawns and clackers. xxxxxx

  4. Happy birthday OTL, love and snugs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxx

  5. Missed you Daisy, please wish OTL a happy birthday for me and I hope he had a lovely day. Daisy I was wondering if April and May are a little more friendly towards Freddy now he's on his own?