Monday, 28 March 2016

Stormy Weather!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

Well! Wot a windy night we have had! The rain came down in bucket loads and there were puddles everywhere!

Yesterday Old Twp Legs said he should 'Top Up' the water in the pond but forgot to do it. Still the storm came along and 'Splosh!' the pond is all full again!

Mind you, it blew loads of paper and plastic bags into the garden and even blew over the Rat Trap onto it's back!

We decided to leave the ferrets in bed 'cos it was still blowing a storm and the rain was coming down every so often!

Looking across to Sheerness you could see the waves breaking over the boats in the harbour!

Soggy Sheerness!
 Looking to the East the Wind Powered Generators were clearly visible through the mist!

Loads of Power!
 We didn't hang about too long 'cos the wind was trying to blow us off the Sea Wall and the thought of some Lambs Heart waiting in our bowls was making our mouths water!

Lunchtime we were out again and we still left the ferrets at home. In fact OTL decided to put Wendy back in with Freddy for some cuddles!

Down on the beach OTL was saying he could have done with his Yellow Filter 'cos the clouds were all broken up and fluffy and they would have looked great in B&W!

Where's a Yellow Filter when you want one?
 Mind you, that didn't stop Holly and I from digging in the sand. I dug a big hole and woofed!

Holly, who was deep in her own hole said she could hear me woofing through the sand!

'ere, I can 'ear you woofing!
 OTL called us a pair of Potty Puppies but we didn't take any notice, it was more fun woofing through the sand!
When we got to the bench, Holly and I jumped up and asked OTL if he could take our picture using the Yellow Filter, but we knew he didn't have it so we both called out 'Gottcha!' and headed off to the car!

Come On, Get your Yellow Filter Out!
 Back home we have been watching the DVD of Star Wars, you know, all the old ones. The latest one is due for release on April 20th so we are looking forward to that!

OTL says it is a good job we didn't go away this weekend 'cos the wind might have blown the caravan away!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Evening all, well wasn't it a windy night and day. That wind was trying to get down my chimney and into my living room, I told it to woof off. You seem to have managed a break in the weather for your walks, my mum had to push me out this morning, I didn't want to go out, I don't do WET! I bet them little furies were so pleased to stay at home in the warm and dry. Glad to hear that Miss Wendy has moved back in with Freddy, I hope she's being nice to him and not giving him a nipping. Did Mrs TM brave the storm on her bike? Does she do hand signals when she's riding on it? I can imagine her giving a hand signal or two. Good to hear you're still getting decent scoff. I haven't seen any of my woofer mates today, I think most of them are being sensible and refusing to take their TL's out. Lovely pictures. Did you find anything nice down your holes? That wind has blown away all the decent sniffs, I haven't found any nice roly sniffs today. I hope that any new little Trevs haven't been washed away out of your pond with all the rain. Paws crossed for better weather tomorrow. Have a good snuggly evening all and enjoy your DVD's, my mum is toying with the idea of buying a film from Sky, the one about the old lady in her van. I bet she ends up having a snooze with me on the sofa before she decides. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures tomorrow, love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Hello my southern friends, we're back from a little holibob in The Tardis (caravan) and I'm pleased to say that we didn't blow off of the cliff top, although it felt like we would a few times. We had lots of fun visiting Kirkcudbright, Stranraer and Portpatrick. It was very wet and windy with no cafes that allowed woofers so we had to keep standing outside shops shivering with one of our two legs while the other TL went inside for cakes or pies! We did get lots of fussing though from passers by. We also visited a museum that TM would love called The David Coulthard Museum but we couldn't go in as no woofers were allowed so mum took a photo of the outside to show TM. She couldn't put it on faceache though as we had no Internet, maybe tomorrow. Must get to sleep now, love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy xxx

  3. We had that horrible wind in Bexhill too, lots of the TL's didn't have much sleep worrying about the school roof blowing off but it stayed put. Although I woke up several times I did go back to sleep so did manage some snoozing time. We had lots of fun and games, a Donkey Derby, Pass the Parcel, Swap the Hat, Easter Bonnet Parade, we won a total of £2.60 in the Donkey Derby but didn't win the raffle or Bonus Ball so actually made a loss, ah well, sometimes you win and mostly we loose. xxxxxx