Thursday, 24 March 2016

Wendy gets her belly looked at!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Fall Over Freddy de Ferret here!

It's the last working day before Easter and as normal, Old Two Legs has been rushing around like a ferret with it's tail on fire!

We got a 'Fast Walk' this morning on the beach and then it was back to the car 'cos there was a big order that just had to be shipped today!

I mean, they are not going to get delivery until Tuesday and more than likely they will have a few extra days off anyway. So, whats the rush?

These Two Legs really must get their priorities in order!

Well, to add a little bit more fun to the occasion, I found this whacking great pile of poo that was calling to me!

I had a sniff,

Then I had another sniff and, well, one thing led to another and I was tied up in the back of the car and taken home where I got washed from the top of my nose to the tip of my tail!

Just get a load of this!
Was it worth it?

You Betcha it was!

Lunchtime I got the 'Woofers Warning' from OTL, so I stayed out of trouble and just sniffed around with Freddy!

Mmmm Ferret Wee!
 Freddy was having fun as well. After seeing me go for a swim he decided today was the day when he would try the water as well.

Now, he wasn't really deep enough for swimming but it was certainly some Deep Paddling!

This tastes Muddy!
 He was having a great time running around in the water. It was a good job there weren't any large waves or he might have got washed out to sea!

He found a rock buried in the sand and spent some time trying to work out if it would do as a Weeing Rock!

Well, it's big enough but how do you get up there?
 In the end he left it and raced off after OTL and up the grass path.

He tried a couple of 'Roll Overs' but no one was taking any notice so he tried the old 'Sad Eye' look and that worked for a little while but as soon as he got to the bench, he had to run the rest of the way on his own paws!

I only want a Little Carry!
 During the afternoon OTL took Wendy down to see the nurse at the vets to have her belly looked at. The nurse said she was very pleased with the healing and that Wendy won't have a big scar, all of which pleased OTL and Wendy!

They have got to go back in seven days but we don't expect any problems to appear!

OTL managed to get all the stuff down to the carriers and now he just has to clear up all the paperwork!

ow, Holly and I have been having a chat about young Archie Babes problem. We mean that bad mannered Bozo who thinks it is OK to mess up a Woofers Toy Box, Pinch his 'Treat Ball' and then mess up his Blanket!

So we got this idea.

Wot you do is to wait until the next time he comes visiting and the Two Legs are busy gassing. Then you sneak over to where he is sitting, do a big wee on the carpet next to where he has plonked himself.

Then get Mr Nipper to scream out and point towards the wet patch and the Bozo while you are tucked up pretending to be asleep on your cushion!

He will get Doggy Scoff for a month!

Now, is that sneaky enough or wot?

We were in the office when OTL ordered up our anti tick stuff and he had to describe me 'cos it has always been Holly who had her name on the form!

OTL said he was going to describe me as a Smelly Woofer but in the end put down Dog!

Have a good time over Easter and claws crossed for some good weather!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Yo Daisy and all the rest of my little maties down by the seaside. I'm not sure I approve of this being rushed when you're out for your walk cos some TL can't wait for their stuff to be shipped. Well done Daisy for finding a really good sniffy rolly sniff, I bet it was good getting down and rolling it all over. Shame about getting washed after though but perhaps a bit might just be left to linger. I got a bit stinky myself today, when I went to see the vet she checked my butt and decided to empty my glands, cor my mum didn't half pull a face, they was stinkier than normal, I got a spray with but I've still managed to get a bit of sniff to linger on ..... my mum isn't overly pleased. I met up with Boris on my walk and he had a bounce around cos he was pleased to see me. That little Freddy looks like he's enjoying his paddle, he is very brave. Now how can OTL resist that little face. Glad to hear that Miss Wendy is doing well and that all is good. Wot good advice about that tea leafing bozo next door, the only problem is, if Mr Nipper isn't too happy with me, he'll say I did the wee, I can't trust him to be on my side. Mind that little bozo doesn't always wait to go in the garden for his wee, sometimes he still does them inside anyways. Good plan though girls, I'll definitely bear it in mind. Now OTL should be describing you as ....... most intelligent, blog typing woofer extraordinaire, I'm mean, fancy just putting "dog", you're not just a dog, you're very special. Hope you got decent scoff today with some decent muggings tonight. Have a good evening and hope that Mrs TM is feeling better. Love, licks, wags and sniffs from little Arch and Mr (sometimes he's in my good books and sometimes he ain't) Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Well now I have caught up, a great disappointment to see that you have rolled in a nasty sniff, glad I didn't buy you an Easter Egg or I would have had to eat it myself. I liked your advise to Archie, there woofs a doggie who knows about things and the TL's aren't going to be clever enough to have the wet patch DNA tested! Freddy looks like he enjoyed his paddle, he is getting very brave and I hope OTL had the lead well held in case a big splash came over him. Fancy OTL putting DOG to describe you, he could have been a bit more artistic, DOG sounds so derogatory.(Get the dictionary out). xxxxxx