Tuesday, 12 April 2016

In the Poo, again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here again!

Wot a fun day it has been!

It started this morning when we got to the beach, just after the sun got up but it was hidden behind some clouds.

Looks like it could be a good day!
April was full of it and had a great time digging holes on the beach.

I'd prefer it if it was dry!
Holly and I found a buried sniff that had great promise but OTL wouldn't let us excavate it and he insisted we leave it alone!

Spoil sport!

Hey! There's a Serious Sniff here!
It was great to get on the beach and roll around in the Sea Kale and some doggy sniffing stuff!

We had loads of sun shine, loads of digging on the beach and....................loads of poo!

Just wot a woofer wants in life!

It started off this morning when Old Two Legs noticed I had 'The Grubby Butt' after a runny poo caused by some rabbit droppings I had nibbled on on Monday!

You know, a typical Woofer thing!

Well, when we got back to the car he had to attend to my backside in case I sat on his seat!

Needless to say, I got a good wash when we got home and ended up with a Soggy Butt!

They do find some really smelly sniffs!
 May wasn't impressed 'cos she wanted Ferret Sniffs and they were found on the Grass Path!

Just for a change, we had some Lambs Heart instead of Doggy Scoff and both Holly and I settled down to a good snooze. We were wondering how long it will be before OTL came back from a job he had to do at one of his customers.

Finally he arrived and we were off as soon as he put his brief case down!

Now, in the rush to get down the beach, Miss Wendy didn't go to the loo before we left and while cuddled up with Freddy in OTL's arms, she got 'Caught Short and pooed down the front of OTL's jacket!

OTL had to use his hankie to not only wipe the poo off his jacket but he had to give her butt a wipe as well!

So, that was OTL in the poo and Wendy in the poo and then I found a big pile of really smelly poo and, yes, I had a roll!

So, that was me in the poo as well!

Back home, OTL's coat went straight in the washing machine together with his hankie and then his trousers 'cos they had been 'Splashed'!

Freddy said that he reckons Wendy should go in the machine as well but OTL said that was not going to happen!

I got washed, I got washed from the tip of my tail to the tip of my nose  and I was soggy all over. Soapy water was dripping off my nose, my tummy and my tail!

In the end I was sniffing like a real Tart and after being dried I got chased around the house by Holly who thought it great fun to tell me off for getting caught!

So, here we are, clean, washed and smelly!

Now, wot a plonker Archie Babe is, I mean, have a dig by all means but just mind where you put you head!

We hope it has stopped hurting and you have learnt a lesson, don't waggle your head when digging!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.


  1. Yo maties. Well it sounds like you've had a really good day wot with all the poo. I found a pile of fox poo again but just as I went to launch, I was hauled away with a very stern word. So pleased to hear that Miss April had fun digging on the beach, wot a shame OTL wouldn't let you excavate that sniffy sniff for a closer inspection. Sorry to hear you had a grumbly tum from the rabbit currants, I'm not allowed near rabbit currant cos I do like the taste of them. Tell Miss May that there are lots of lovely sniffs on your beach and she really needs to expand her range of sniffs. Oh dear sorry to hear Miss Wendy couldn't wait but wot a good thing she didn't poo on poor Freddie, it would have been him getting put in the washing machine instead of OTL's coat and trousers, I do hope OTL has another pair and isn't getting cold waiting for them to dry. Way to go Daisy for beating OTL to the sniff and getting full coverage, shame about being washed though, tell Holly good knickers that she's letting the side down by not joining you in a good old roll. Guess wot Daisy, I did it again today, waited until my mum went for a bath then got on with my project, then I bashed my head again and made my cut even bigger, I don't know how to dig without bobbing, my mum said I'm not going to be allowed in the bedroom on my own or else my head and the carpet will have a big hole in them. Glad to hear you got decent scoff again today. The sun was shining here today and I went for my longer walk after dinner, when I got half way round a big black cloud came over, I just made it home as it started to rain. Hope you get some good muggings tonight, I'm just off for a pre dinner snooze, love, licks, wags and sniffs but definitely no more digging holes under the bed, little Arch and Mr Nipper xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh my! What a lot of Poo. I'm surprised that you didn't meet a Shih Tzu on the beach too! Sorry, my mum said that was a bad joke but I couldn't resist. I hope everything came out clean in the wash. We started wuth a dry walk this morning but had a soggy walk this evening which means that all the dry sheep poo will be freshened up tomorrow so if I manage to graphics a mouthful I'll have green poo! Holly should give that a go. Mum loves cleaning that off when it gets sticky. She says it's lucky we've been to the poodle parlour and had all our fur clipped off especially around our nether regions...not very pleasant when the winds blowing the wrong way. Have fun tomorrow. Love, wags, woofs and licks from Izzy xxxxxxxx

  3. Well what a pongy story, Old MacDonald had a farm, e i e i o, On that farm there was a pong, e i e i o, With a pong, pong here, a pong pong there, e I e I o. Sure you get the gist, you and Holly can have a sing song. I do hope OTL has more than one pair of trousers or he will need to wear his kilt, his MacDonald one of course! The beach was a good place for sunshine and a dig, not so good for other things but I won't mention that again. Good food again, not sure if it was entirely deserved, you were just lucky that TM loves you really, I am off to stock up for Winnie as we are taking her to Peterborough, be good. xxxxxx